Ongoing Story

The Ultimate Twilight Princess Showdown

The final battle. (Only TP characters, please)

Posted by kamau19 on Jun 10, 2009:
Link rode Epona into gerudo desert, with Midna floating close behind. Rusl kept close, on his own horse. A huge army of castle town guards were dramatically yelling war cries. "SHUT UP!" yelled Midna. "They're going to HEAR YOU!" The guards hushed down. All of Link's friends were following, the children were on their own horse, slingshots in their hands. Ilia rode on Epona with Link. Zelda rode her own horse, light arrows stocked up to the max. Skull Kid was surrounded by his puppets, and they were the reinforcements in case of need.

On the other side, there is a huge army of every enemy, leaded by Ganondorf, morphed into Ganon, Zant riding Stallord, and King Bulbin on his boar. Behind them is every temple boss, and midboss. About 50 Darknuts were on the flanks. Both sides were just out of sight of each other, because of the sandstorm.

The war was about to begin.

King Bulbin blew his horn, and in response, the Spirit Wolf howled. The armies charged.