Ongoing Story

the cristle keeper

link has to pretect this little girl wolf,the fate of all worlds depen

Posted by kentill(linksdaughter) on Jun 16, 2009:
Link turned into a wolf and ran to Snow Peake.when he reached the very tip top he sat at the edge.a small wolf came and sat beside him.the wolf pup was white,orange,black,and looked at her and smiled.they both got up and ran to zelda's castle to tell her the crystal has been activated.

"WHaT?!"SHE yelled,"thats great!Link we can finally save all of the worlds,light,oni,shadow,and twilight."LINK OPENED HIS EYES WIDE REMEBERing the news he had learned,"to save these worlds we need to kill mia with the master sword at 12:00.zelda gasped,the little mixed wolf didn't,"dont worry about me,i hate this world and all worlds,everyone in everywhere,they've only cast me aside like i was worthless."she assured.

link had a different opinion of the matter,he loved mia like a sister and wanted her around for a long time.but if what she said is what she ment then she hated him.zelda nodded and bowed at mia,she took the master sword and walked over to link and hopped on him.Mia came with him.