Ongoing Story

Tatle again

Posted by 123456789zelda_n_n on Jul 27, 2009:
Link wondered how tatle,the fairy who was recently his partner,was doing. She had finally reunited with her brother,tael,after so much chaos caused by a mask. She told him to get going before the carnaval started but she seemed sad to watch him leave. Link was,to. He had grown fond of his partner, she was so mean yet sweet.He had previously lost his other fairy partner,Navi,but she wasn't near where Tatle was in his heart. Suddenly there was a cheerful sound,a meledy he remembered an old freind used to play. following it,he saw a wobderful sight behind him.It was...
Posted by kingredead on Sep 5, 2012:
Saria who had foolwed him through the warp. "What are you doing here?" he asked.