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Link has run away from Dark Link...

Posted by myzeldamyrules on Aug 11, 2009:
Never in my life did I expect this to happen. I was running from someone. Being a coward. Running away. I looked down at the sand. The waves crashed onto the shore, revealing my sword. I picked it up. 'Why am I running from Dark Link?' I thought. 'I've delt with him before...' Boom. I whipped around, half-expecting to see Dark Link, but instead, my horse was falling form the sky. "What the...." Thump. Epona landed next to me, with a note attached to her bridle. She snorted and backed up as I walked over to her, and she flattened her ears. "Cmon, Epona! Just let me have the note!" I yelled, maybe a little too loud. "Hey, guys! It' s Link! The guy from Hyrule!" I pretended not to listen, and grabbed Epona. Then I jumped on and dug my heels into her sides. She reared and lunged foreward, almost throwing me off. I leaned foreward and grabbed the ominous note. It said:

You were right to run.

I growled and tossed it into the sand. Then, a horrible thought struck me. My home. Dark Link might have broke in. Facing my fears, I pulled Epona around and we galloped for hours on end. Into the woods, beside a whipping river, past the Hyrule Castle... I was almost there. Epona had foam forming at her mouth and she rasped for breath, but I whipped her harder. "Why am I doing this to her?" I said. Soon, I approached my home. It was as big as one and a half of Barnes' storage sheds. I tied Epona up under a little shelter that I had made out of wood. I shuddered at the thought. I still had scars from a peice of wood that fell on me. Epona attacked the water and started taking huge, long gulps. I shook my head and unlocked the door. 'That's a good sign. The door is locked.' I walked into the small home. It had only two rooms. The beroom, where the floor hadn't been finished, and the den and the kitchen were combined, and the floor was made out of Epona's old horseshoes. I quietly walked into the bedroom and pulled off my boots. My Ocarina sat in the corner of the room, on a crude little table with my Kokiri Sword. Several masks hung on the wall in front my bed. There was one of a Deku boy, Darunia, Mikau and a Fierce Diety, from when I had set out to defeat Majora when I was younger. There was also a drawing of Maple, Ricky and Blaino that I had drawn when I had met them. I sighed and sat on the rickity bed, and it groaned in protest. I was doing a very bad job of hiding from Dark Link. He was sure to find me soon. I got up and walked into the den/kitchen. It was dark, because my room had the only window that over-looked Epona's little shelter. I lit the candle that sat on top of the kitchen table then walked over to the little cupboard. I opened one of the doors and pulled out a jar of fairly warm milk and a loaf of bread. I opened another cupboard door and it squeaked on it's rusty hinges. I pulled out some Ordon Goat Cheese from my original home and went over to the table. I grabbed a knife and made my lunch. I sat down and took a bite of my sandwich, thinking about what would happen if Dark Link came back. Then I thought about my three copies. I whispered each one's color. "Red, Purple, Blue." Oh how I missed them. I looked up from my sandwich at the door. Someone was knocking. I quickly put away my lunch items and drew the curtain over my bedroom window. I even blew out the candle, making the house pitch black. 'Epona...' I thought. 'She's out there...'