Ongoing Story

Ganondorf's Tale

This story is from Ganon's point of view. He tells a story about

Posted by starfgh/zelda on Mar 27, 2010:
Hello, my name is Ganon. And I am about to tell you about my life with that son-of-a-b***h you all know as Link.
Here's how it goes:
"Once apon a time there was a b****d named Link. He was destined to become the f-ing Hero Of Time. Well, at the time, I was planning to take over the world. But he just shoved his sorry a** in my way. So as I was saying, he came right up to me with the master sword and said,"Ganon, you bitch, I will KICK-YOUR-A**. So I fought him and all and the son-of-a-bitch DID kill me! But thanks to Twinrova, I came back to life.
Hell yeah!
So then I run into him again, and he said I was dumber than a sack of f***ing poop! Who does this a** think he is???