Ongoing Story

Not Really Dead

All he thought was "Please, don't." then everything spi

Posted by Herona_Of_Zora on Oct 5, 2010:
Link sat quivering in a dark cell room.It was dank and musky.He tried to stand.The clank of the chains made him sit right back down.Link had never felt so weak.It was not only because his sword was gone and his shield and other weapons as well,it was what he had done.Why had he done her in?"Zelda..."he mumbled.He turned to tears.He had killed her.Only...why?He knew the executioner would come.Now that is.He wanted it done quick.Sadly Link had no say."Please,no..." he pleaded.But it was too late.And after that everything spiraled into a nightmare.
One that would never end.
Posted by Herona_Of_Zora on Oct 27, 2010:
Link woke up with a gasp."Where am I...?" he wondered.Link was confused.Had he really died?Or was it a dream.Link felt a lot lighter...more transparent,you could say.Link looked down."Wha!? I floating?!" he cried.He tried going down but it was very difficult."I need to get out of here." Link said.
He tried to pick the lock,but his hand went straight through the lock."What I...a ghost?"
Posted by starfgh/zelda on Jan 10, 2011:
"This doesn't make sense...." Link thought over and over. Did he really die? He knew that if he was alive, his hands would be sweating like usual. Nothing. He tried to remember what had happened the night he had killed...her.
The sweat sound of Epona's hooves thudding on the ground always made Link smile, and as he rode on the path to Hyrule Castle Town, his grin grew. The sun was about to set, and the castle was still quite far from his location. He sighed and stopped Epona, quickly jumped off, and began to walk her. The poor horse was exhausted from carrying him at such a fast speed. As they walked, Link saw the Kikori Forest opening. He shrugged and kept walking. Link had just had a fight with Saria for the first time in his life, and he wasn't ready to make amends. Suddenly an ear-piercing scream came from the woods. Link immediatly stopped and turned around. Crows flew up into the air and another scream followed them. Link dashed towards the huge hollow log that lead into his original home. After crossing the bridge Link entered the small area where the kikori children lived. No one was around. Then out of no where, Mido walked out of Saria's house.
"Mido! Where is everyone? Who is screaming? What's going on?" Link asked furiously.
Mido looked up at Link, his eyes were blank. He turned and started walking towards the Great Deku Tree's domain. Link ran in front of him, placed his hands on Mido's shoulders, and shook him as hard as he could.
"Answer me!"
Mido raised his hand and grabbed Links arm, and with the flick of his wrist and a sickening snap, broke the bone. Link cried out in pain.
"M-Mido? Why?"