Ongoing Story

Domo Arigato, Rinku-Kun

Link saves Dark's life... Wanting in return....

Posted by shadows_blood on May 22, 2011:
Al I can remember is the darkness. The choking, overwelming darkness, and the lack of breath in my lungs. I was suffocating and falling endlessly, silently, and by myself without end. And as I fell, my thoughts trailed off to Link. This was all his fault. I just knew it with my being. It wasn't my fault... I trained seventeen years to kill him, and he beat me. He cheated, though. He used the triforce of Courage (Whatever it did), so it's his fault I'm here.

But where am I?

I can't think at this point anymore. It has become to much of a hassel to breath anymore, so I've stopped trying. It doesn't hurt. And even if it did, I wouldn't feel it. My mind is blank now, I don't even have myself in this empty void. There's nothing...

Then suddenly, I hear a voice, a voice that my once unknown heart desperatly clung to. It was the voice that I'd grown accustomed to, a voice that awakened me from the void. It was...
Posted by MySisterLooksLikeGanondorf_0_0_ on Jun 9, 2011: