Ongoing Story

Legend of Zelda, Dragon egg

Link finds a dragon egg: (Based after twilight princess)

Posted by Pine101 on Aug 5, 2011:
After the great event of finally defeating Ganondorf. Link has settled down back at home. His slight depression of losing one of his closest friend Midna has gone. And he has been relaxed and happy at home. Everyone has settled in, and he is now at peace. His eighteenth birthday is coming up. And he is very intrested in the upcomming events of finally becoming an adult.

As Link lays in the sun. His eyes closed hands behind his head with a smile on his face sitting on the feild, watching the herd eat their grass. He looks up at the sky, He then heres huffing and puffing and He sits up knowing who it is asoon as he hears the loud and familier yell
"Heeyy Mr Liinnk!" He smiles with a slight groan and waves. The Post man comes up puffing and he hands him a post.
"Its a Dragon egg mr Link From an Unknown man. He wouldnt tell me his name, But he said it was very important.
Link looks down at the package with the triforce drawn on it.