Ongoing Story


Zelda is getting tired of hiding her feelings for....him.... will she

Posted by cuttielink404 on Mar 3, 2012:
It was a cool afternoon when Zelda grabbed some rupees to by somthing. When she walked in her favorite store, ″Hyrule's dresses and gowns″she saw it on fire. The fire was caused by some idiot cooking a turkey and he fell asleep. ″Crap.″she thought as she found one dress that survived the fire [ it had a few black spots but she can clean it]
it was great for her mother's B–day party on Saturday night. She ran off admiring her dress as she bumped into Link, Goddes of courage. ″sorry sir... Oh! Hi Link sorry I was in a hurry!″Zelda said pulling the dress off of Link's face. ″Oh, no biggie I was just...″Link screamed ″WATCH OUT!!″He pushed Zelda out of the way onto the ground. A falling blade fell when they crashed a few seconds ago. The sword fell ripping a bit of his tunic. ″Zelda you okay?″Link asked. ″Yeah...I..guss so.″Zelda said standing up off the ground. ″So I heard that tomorrow is your ma's birthday.″ Link said as he walked Zelda safety back to the castle holding hands [ Link didn't mind but Zelda blushed a little. ] ″Yeah and I like YOU to come too!″she squealed. ″Really? Thanks I would love that!″ Link smiled. Ok see you then!″ she waved. ″Ok this is it, Just tell Link how you feel.″she said grabbing her dress and putting it into the washing machine.

That Saturday night...
″Hi Link nice suit″Zelda said walking up to Link. He had on a suit with no cap. His golden blonde hair hung over his blue eyes as he tries to brush then away.

″Thanks, nice dress it looks beautiful on you″ Link answered.
Zelda blushed as Link was looking at her white n gold lace dress with a nice touch of a ruby glass neackalace.
″umm can I see you in the garden?″Zelda asked.
″umm sure″ he said.

In the garden Zelda n Link walked to the fountain that looked like the trifoce. ″Link I wanted to say that I you″ Link's ears shot right up in suprise. ″What do you mean″he asked. Zelda didn't say anything. Soon she grabbed his arm, pulled him close and kissed him right on the lips! Link froze for a few molments and then they pulled away. Link asked what was that for. ″Link, the first time you saved me I grew fond of you. I love how you protect me and hyrule. I....″ she hesitated for a moment. ″I...I love you to Zelda″ Link said. They soon leaned over again and kissed once more. Then pulled away. It was the best day ever!
Posted by cuttielink404 on Mar 4, 2012:
That when ruto appered...