Ongoing Story

Darkness Song

In the darkness of the night,a new shadow comes to plauge Hyrule...

Posted by DarkZelda on Sep 27, 2005:
It was early in the morning when IT came.The very shadow that many in its old land refered to as 'The Ultamate Ruler of Darkness'.And its name....was Alice.

She appeared to be an innocent five year old, with curly red hair and silver-green eyes. She wore a dress the color of blood.

She came before anyone knew what hit them. She appeared in front of a villager in a cascade of shadows, fire, and lightning. The villager gave a shreik of terror,and woke up almost the whole town. "My sevants...come to me!Fufill your promise!!" Alice shouted, in two voices at the same time. One was the voice of an innocent child. The other was the voice of a demon......

Almost immediately, the sky was filled with the fiery wings of cursed phoenixes. Many people,almost right upon seeing these firey birds, fell horribly and almost deathly ill with a strange disease. They fell to the ground,the curse taking effect.
And with that, the bird would vanish... for the moment. Alice dissapeared with them

Zelda took a quick glance out the window. It was a few days after the first attack, and almost everyone had fallen to the curse... or whatever it was. Suddenly, there was a cry from down the hall.

"PRINCESS!!!!!!!" The voice called urgently.

"What it is?!" Zelda replied, running towrds the sound of the voice. A man ran around the corner... and right into her. The two fell to the ground.

The man had red hair, green eyes, and wore silver armour. Where he was from, nobody knew. He definately wasn't from Hyrule... his name was Ian.

They landed with a THUMP. "I'm sorry,princess!" Ian cried, and got up. He quickly helped Zelda get back up on her feet.

"What is it?"Zelda asked, brushing herself off.

Almost immediately, Ian shoved some sort of stone tablet into her hands. It was kind of heavy, being made on stone and all. The was a crimson gem right in the middle of the stone. And there was something engraved on it as well.....

"What is this?" Zelda asked.

"A prophecy. I'm worried, Zelda. Read it." Ian simply said, panting for breath.

After a few moment of silence, Zelda had finished reading what was engraved.
"You don't honestly think that... that I'm going to die because of these phoenixes, do you?" Zelda asked, looking at Ian.

The sky turned a deep crimson with those words spoken.
Posted by Adlez47 on Oct 6, 2005:
"RUN!" shouted Ian, drawing his sword.

"You can't fight them!" shouted Zelda, "they'll kill you!"

"I've heard that before" laughed Ian, "I'll be okay, just go!" Instinctively Zelda used farores wind to teleport to the home of the one person she knew who could stop this new evil. The home of Link.

At the castle Ian waited until Zelda had dissappeared then sheathed his sword. He stood there and smiled as the sky darkened and the pheonixes flew in like a flood of fire.

Then the queen of the flock rode in on the greatest of the accursed birds... Alice had arrived.

"You!" she shouted at Ian, "Where is the princess?"

"She WAS right here until you had to show up!" retorted Ian, "I would have had her if you didn't have to make such a scene!"

"Fool!" roared Alice, her voice now more demonlike than ever, "I'd kill you if i had the time!" With that, she blazed off, taking her shadow pheonixes with her.

As the sky returned to normal, Ian laughed and said, "Insolent moron, I can't beleive she's my sister."
Posted by Koroks Rock on Oct 31, 2005:
<note: i should mention that the bits that Fado and Zelda said that weren't in English were a clumsy sort of greek- it seemed like an appropriate language for the Kokiri. I do that to emphasis the cultural differences in Hyrule, but use real languages so that people can use a translator if they want to know what was said.>

Zelda had used Farore's Wind more times than most people had played Tic Tac Tatl, and knew magic better than most people knew their own spouses. But Such a spell was no simple thing, and even she was prone to... well, miss her target by a bit.

Fortunately for her, she missed Link's home by just a few meters. Admittedly, it was a few meters below and to the south of where she wanted to be, but that was ok- she had strong knees. With a bone-shaking crash she fell to the ground not far from the ladder to link's house,

She rotated her ankles around a bit, to work out the pain, and leaned her head back. In the years since Link had left to save his first time, his tree had grown to an almost unprecedented heigh and stature. His abode had gone from one room a few meters above ground level to a multilevel complex farther above Zelda's head than she could throw a pebble. And she had a good arm too.

She noticed movement from the corner of her eye. It was on the side of the tree, moving in a curious sideways pattern, silently. Zelda began to think of fiery events in her life, a little trick she had learned to bolster her Din's Fire spell. Not wanting to burn down Link's home, she concentated on her own unique variation of the spell, hoping to launch a small but potent fireball that wouldn't kill anyone. Not immediately, at least.

"Zelda? Είναι ότι εσείς?" Whispered the shape.
"Φυσικά είναι εσύ. Έχει την ευπρέπεια για να φθάσει με τα πόδια." The shape spoke now with some confidence, and emerged from the shadows of the tree.

It was Fado, a friend of Link's. With the kind of climbing talent that only the Kokiri have, he wedged his feet into the cracks of the tree bark and walked to Zelda as if the vertical tree trunk was the ground. He even put his hands behind his back and straightened his shoulders.

"Γειάσου, η βασίλισσά μου. Why are you here?" Asked Fado.

"Χαιρετισμοί σε σας επίσης. And why else would i be here but the Phoenixes? Alice walks once more." Replied Zelda, somewhat irritatedly.

"Ah. Yes, i remember the Great Deku Tree talking about that. He mentioned to Saria and I that so long as the Fire and Darkness elements were in harmony with the others, demigods such as Alice are unable to interfer with our world, and are confined to their own existence. However, with Ganon banished, i suppose that gives her a clear opening to our world..."

Fado's eyes filled with horror. "Zelda, what is Nayru's name will we do when those birds come here?! What were you thinking, coming to a FOREST?!!"

A leather bag landed next to zelda with a clank. a second later, another bag, mostly empty, landed next to Fado. Finally, with a creak, Link swung down from his house on a vine.

"Grab whatever you need from your house, Fado. We're hitting the road with Zelda before Alice gets here." Spoke Link, his voice hard and fast. He checked the Biggoron Sword on his shoulder with his left hand, while adjusting the Master Sword at his hip with his right hand. "And grab the Kokiri Sword, you'll need it."

His eyes came to rest on Zelda. "I hope you wore travelling boots, Zelda, because we've got a long way to go by this evening."
Posted by Nabooru#1 on Nov 3, 2005:
Link stared at Zelda, after hearing about Ian, Alice, the illness and everything else he sat and thought it over.

"It said you could die because of the birds right?" He asked, his eyes were grave.

"Yes, it did." Zelda replied, staring back at him.

There was a clash of thunder and the sky went red, Zelda and Link both looked up as screeching shapes appeared in the sky.

"The phoenixes are here!" Zelda cried in anguish and terror, Link was also unnerved at the inhuman wails coming from the birds.

"We must leave here and hide someplace else!" Link shouted above the now deathening screams of the birds.

They ran deeper into the forest and ran with the noise of fiery wings flapping behind them.
Posted by Adlez47 on Dec 19, 2005:
As the three ran, Fado tripped and, acting the hero, told the others to leave him and keep running. Link and Zelda did so, but as they looked back they saw the forest ablaze with the dark flames of Alice.

After another minute of running, the two fell through a hole in the ground which, unfortunately, led to a cave of those annoying Deku Merchants. Even though the calls of "Get a wooden sheild for 80 rupees" were annoying, Link and Zelda were safe.

After a while the two left the cave and looked at the destruction of the forest. Everything was burnt to ashes. Link swore to avenge the destruction of his home.

At that moment, they heard the sound of footsteps behind them.
Posted by Nick on Jan 12, 2006:
They couldnīt believe how he managed to escape all that destruction with as little injury as he did. Fado came to them slowly, panting and holding on to his side.

"I heard the phoenixes singing about a place named Thermina where Hajoraīs Mask survived...or something. They sang that his power was the key of their revieling. I don't know anything about that place, so that brings us nothing further..." Fado noticed that Link had gone white. "Whatīs wrong with you Link?"

Link told them that he once have been in Termina and had fought Majora. "I thought I had defeated it though..."

"Why have you never told us?" asked Zelda.

"I err... forgot to tell when I got back. Lots of other things to do." Link replied, fiddling with a charred stick.

"Yeah yeah, doesnīt matter, letīs go already!" Faido said neverously.

And so they did.
Posted by Adlez47 on Feb 27, 2006:
As they walked through the rubble, Faido decided to stay behind and help what survivors there were. Link and Zelda thought about it for a second and simultaniously said "Okay!"

As the two left the forest and Link proceeded to find the portal t oTermina, Zelda thought, 'Why did Link hide this from me? Doesnt he trust me anymore?'

Link did not notice the inquiring look on zelda's face while they stepped into the paralell world of Termina.
Posted by madiboo on Mar 25, 2006:
Being in Termina again brought back so many memories, like the time he helped Romani save the cows from "them" or the time the four giants helped him save Termina. Most of all {amazingly} it was the time of year when the Carnaval of Time begins. This just made matters worse for Link in his own way, not only because Zelda and Faido were with him but also because it brought back the memory of an old friend, Tatl.

As soon as they arrived at Temerina, Link told Zelda and Faido where to go. Realizing that they had to go quickly, Link led them out to Termina Field. They headed for the swamp to call for the first giant when
It was Tatl.
Is that realy you? What are you doing here?"
Tatl seemed curious, suprised, shocked, -and happy.
"Who is this?", Zelda asked imediatley.
"My old friend Tatl. She helped me through when I fought here."
Tatl had a somewhat sad-and frightning look in her eye. Seeing this Link asked,"What's wrong?" He already knew what was wrong, the same thing as before, Majora's Mask. Ther was another thing that was wrong, where was her brother,Tale?
"What happened here?",Link asked.
"It's not like it was when I was here before."
"Yes, what did happen here?",Faido asked. Zelda wasn't the least bit curious. She was more parinoid sience Link hadn't told her. But she was a bit concerned for this fairy, and the land. Although she still felt hurt.
Posted by madiboo on Mar 25, 2006:
"Well, let me begin sience the point you left. When you left ,Tale and I and of course Skull Kid were on our way to the carnaval. Oh it was a wonderful carnaval to, everyone was so happy-thanks to you! But three days after the carnaval, it happened. A giant moon was above us- but it was very far away. We wouldn't have to worry about it for a while. But then SHE came! Alice is Majora's right-hand girl. Majora uses them to do his bidding. He told them to go to Hyrule, whereever that is, and have some revenge on Hyrule, for that is where the boy clothed in green is. I then soon realized he was talking about you! I went to go tell Tale and Skull Kid-but they were taken by Majora's minions! I was hopeless and then overheard something. Majora, after realizing you were going to come after him, stopped the moon from falling and was thinking of a new scheme. For he must of known you would beat him because it was the same plan as last time and he knew you would remember how to beat him. So, hearing you were coming I didn't belive it. I thought it was a pkank. But just in case you were to come, I stayed right here, knowing you would come this way. I knew you would save my brother and Skull Kid and save Termina-and your homeland. And here is where we stand."

By now everyone was listening intently, even Zelda. Finally Zelda said,"What do we have to do?"

"It wont be as easy as before, not to mention we don't know what were up against.",Tatl said.

"Wow.", said Faido.

"Despite that we'll do what it takes to save yours-and our homeland.", exclaimed Link.

"That's right!We'll do whatever it takes!", exclaimed Zelda who was now totaly involved with everything.

"Till death?", Tatl asked?

"Till death!" they all said in unison. And with that they began their jorney to save Termina and Hyrule and destroy Majora's Mask...for good
Posted by madiboo on Mar 26, 2006:
"So, where do we start? You said it is differernt this time.", Link said hurriedly.

"Well,I think you should tell us where everything is first just incase we get lost or seperated.", Zelda exclaimed.

"We don't have time for that. If we don't start now we'll all be scrued."

"If we need one another when someone is lost or seperated from the rest of us we're ALL scrued. I'm not going anywhere until I know where everything is. And is that a Dodongo in the snow?! Sience when do Dodongos leave Hyrule?! Besides I don't even know most of the monsters around here, like that rat thing with a bomb on its tail or that big red glob with a heart in it! So, I'm not going anywhere until I know where and WHAT everything is."

"I see your point.", Link remarked."To the south is the swamp where the deku palace and potion shop is. To the north is the mountain called Snowhead where the mountain and goron village is. To the west is the ocean called Great Bay where the gang of female pirates are and it's also where Zora hall is. That place is also the home of the zora band, the In-di-go's. and, my least favorite place, to the east is the canyon called IKana Canyon. Here is where a tower, Stone Tower, is. It is also the place of IKana Village, IKana Graveyard, and IKana Castle. This is the place where wandering spirits wander with lingering regrets. In other words, it is the realm of the dead. Oh I almost forgot. In the center of all this is Clock Town. It is a town with a hotel, a shooting gallery, a bank, a bomb shop, a post office, a lottery shop and so many other wonderful things. Oh, and south of Clock Town is a ranch by the name of Romani's Ranch."

"Why didn't you tell me about all this stuff?", Zelda asked.

"I didn't want you to know."


"I...I...I was scared for you. I knew you would want to come here so I didn't tell you. Although this place seems happy, it is actually dangerous. Very dangerous. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I don't want you to think I don't trust you. If I ever made you feel like I didn't trust you, I'm sorry for that to. I will always trust matter what."

"Wow. That was realy deep.", Tatl explained.

"Yes it was.", Zelda said."I'm sorry for not thinking you trusted me Link. It was a big misunderstanding."

Then Link and Zelda hugged each other. No not the "lovey dovey" kind of hug, just a hug full of friendship...and forgiveness.

After the hug, Tatl said,"Ok so here's what I fond out. There are four bases over Termina. They all are Majora's bases. Like before, the bases are to the south, north, west, and east. At each base there is a secret letter. The letter says one part of Majora's plan, one of Majora's weaknesses, and a weakness to all phoenixes that may injure-or kill a phoenix. So, we must all start at the beginning as before and this time, steal the secret letters, defeat the monsters there, and put all the clues together from the four letters and figure out how to beat Majora before he destroys our homelands. Everyone got it?"

They all nodded in agreement and set out for the jorney to retreive the first letter-to the south.