Ongoing Story


Link sets off another journey into the unknown.

Posted by Divine_Link on Oct 5, 2005:
Time after time . . . Hyrule has always been threatened by great evil and shadows, seeking the ancient power of the Sacred Relic known as the Triforce. Shadows covered Hyrule and when hope had faded, a young man named Link raises to battle the great evil and give the land prosperity and light.

But months after, during the night, Link had a dream . . .

Link dreamt being in a different kingdom and it was covered in darkness and ice. All of a sudden, he heard a woman calling out his name in a soft voice. "Someone . . . help us . . ." Link followed the sound of the voice and it lead him into a enormous castle. He went through the halls and stopped in front of a door. He opened the door and went inside. Into the room, he spotted a woman dressed in a beautiful white dress and she spotted Link. The woman spoke. "Hero of Hyrule . . . we need your help . . . take this key," she hold out her hand to Link and Link took the key. "We will meet in time . . ."

To be continued . . .
Posted by Holly Moore on Oct 19, 2005:
Suddenly, the entire room went white, and Link knew nothing more.

He awoke in his bed in the corner of his one-room house. The iron stove was still lit, casting orange light across the floor; a warm relief from the dark ice and the chilled and howling winds of his dream.

With a sigh, Link sat up and grabbed his shirt off the bedpost, pulling over his head. He reached under the bed for his boots, which he also pulled on.

"I can't sleep now," he said to himself, "I'm wide awake."

He walked to the door, threw it open, and gasped. The ground was covered with several feet of snow.

"This is crazy! It's in the middle of summer!"

"Hero..." echoed a voice, "...the key...follow the light of the heavens...hurry!"

It sounded like the girl from his dream!

Link looked up towards the sky, but all was pitch black.

"What light?"

"Only you...can find the light...that will guide you..."

To be continued...
Posted by DarkZelda on Nov 18, 2005:
Confused,Link ketp scanning the sky.Nothing....only pitch black.He was about to consider giving up,when suddenly a massive white light struck across the sky.It soon left as quickly as it had come.

Startled,Link stood there with his eyes wide open.

Then,the same light came back,only to vanish soon after again.

Link waitied....which direction was it pointing?

The light soon shot across the sky once more,pointing to the east.

"The east it is...."Link sighed,and qwuickly rushed out and set his sights eastbound.

But elsewhere,someone was watching every move....With eyes the color of crimson blood,the figure watched....and waitied.....for just the right moment to bring Hyrule down the whole way.....But the figure's timing had to be perfect,or else his whole plan would be blown sky high.....
Posted by Divine_Link on Dec 19, 2005:
Link followed his feelings and he ran through the freezing blizzard and into the Lost Woods. He stopped and didn't know which path to follow. Suddenly he spotted glowing light and Link followed the guiding light. Through the puzzling maze of the Lost Woods, the light faded out and Link stopped. He looked around and he heard a sound from the ice fog. "Hero . . . follow my voice . . ." He heard the voice and listened. "Over here . . ." Link heard her from his right and followed.

Moments after, Link spotted a gate through the white fog and it was frozen solid. Link took a closer look at the gate and he touched the ice, all of a sudden his hand almost got frozen and Link shook out the freezing cold from his hand. Link stared at the ice and someone spoke. "You're going to need my help."

Link turned around to look and spotted someone dressed in a black cloak. The stranger pulled out the hood and it was Princess Zelda. "Link, this weather is strange and my father believes its a curse and its causing to freeze everything in its path." Zelda slowly came closer to Link, "I'm afraid their Kingdom is completely frozen from this curse and now its coming to Hyrule. We must help the voice in our dreams to destroy this evil spell." Link nodded and Zelda looked at the frozen gate.

"Stand back, Link." Zelda raises her hand and casts a spell. All of a sudden, a big fireball appears on her hand and she shoots it onto the frozen gate. The fireball bursts big and it melts all the ice, but the gate didn't burn into ashes and Zelda spotted a keyhole on the gate. "We need the key . . . I sense you have it, Link." Link felt something in his left hand and it was the key. "Open the gate . . . hero" A voice in the air echoed. Link walked in front of the gate, he slided in the key into the keyhole and turned it.
Posted by Adlez47 on Jan 6, 2006:
The lock clicked, and as the gates slowley opened Link heard a whistling sound, like something flying through the air. He instinctively ducked and as he did, a fireball flew over him, hitting the gate and incenerating the key.

"Watch it!" shouted link, turning to look at Zelda. At that point Link had to dodge more fireballs from Zelda.

"What's wrong with you?" Link shouted in a panic.

"Interesting." said Zelda, glaring at Link with a demonic grin. "You're faster than i remember. It must be your fear."

Link then noticed that Zelda's eyes were different.

They were the color of blood.
Posted by Nick on Jan 12, 2006:
What could be wrong with her? He looked around still dodging.

Then he spotted something behind a tree. It had eyes just as red as Zelda´s. That must be it!

He tried to get there but Zelda blocked him. So Link pulled out his mastersword. Took his mirrorshield and decide to do the same thing as he did by Twinrova.

So he ducked and bounced Zelda´s fireballs back. Zelda got stunned and Link ran and cut through her head like he did so many before.

Blood was dripping from his sword and the dead body of Zelda fell on the ground to dissapear forever. With tears in his eyes he ran to were he saw the eyes but there was nothing...
Posted by Nick on Jan 14, 2006:
Link turned and looked everywere but couldn´t find the thing. He went to go to the gate. He had to finish this thask to pay the thing back.

He went through the door and felt it was 10 times as cold as outside. His hands began to turn into ice. Just like his body. He tried to get back trough the gate, but when he slowly turned he saw that the gate has dissapeard. He heard a voice behind him "You are late I didn´t expect you would have come anymore Hero of time"Link turned again just getting slower and slower every second. He could feel that his heart began to stop and his brains didn´t work very well. Link fell down. He knew he was falling but didn´t care even if he would care he couldn´t stop it. The only thing he thought was "I die I killed Zelda for nothing now I will die just like her. The people we heard in our dreames will never be saved. Hyrule will freeze too, and it is all my fault." He heard the voice screaming "You´re freezing I wiiiiilllllll taaaakkeeeee yyyoooooouuuuuuuu tttttoooooooooo mmmmyyyyyyyy..."
Nothing Link was unconscious...

He woke up in a strange house everything was white. A face was looking at him but it wasn´t a normal face it was icebleu. Then she spoke. "Hero of time you have got to help us..."
"What happend to me?"
"You couldn´t hold this temperature. I had to fouht about that earlier. I forgot humans can´t stand this temperature."

To be continued
Posted by Adlez47 on Jan 16, 2006:
As Link regained his motion and coordination he noticed that the girl with the blue skin had eyes the color of sapphire. She also looked vaguely familiar, but every time Link tried to remember where he'd seen her, he would remember Zeldas eyes just before he killed her.

As this grusome image flashed thrugh his head, Link made a vow...

He would find the one responsible for this, and obliterate them from the face of the planet.

Then, as Link thought of his revenge, he felt himself changing.
"What's happening?" he said.

The mysterious girl turned around and replyed, "In this land your form changes depending on your emotions. You're turning into a demonic creature, so you must have thought about revenge, or hatred."

As she said these words Link finished his transformation...
Posted by Divine_Link on Feb 8, 2006:
Link's hands became razor-sharp claws and his entire body was monstrous. Link looked at his claws and kept thinking about revenge, suddenly the girl spoke. "Stop it!" she turned around to look at Link, "you mustn't think about revenge and you're becoming one of those evil creatures."

The little girl stared into Link's blue eyes and suddenly she got shocked to see of what Link had seen and looked away. "Don't worry about your friend." The girl took a silver goblet from her bag and placed it on the floor. She took a beautiful silver jar and poured crystal clear water from the jar into the goblet. "Your friend had red eyes like the color of the blood?" She asked and Link slowly nodded his head. "Then your friend is safe, your eyes were deceived to a illusion by a Frozen Guard."

Link kneed down on his knees and he was relieved that Princess Zelda is safe. As Link's rage calmed down, he turned back to normal and the girl placed the goblet into Link's hand. "Drink this sacred water and with its infinite magic, you won't freeze by the curse."

Link stood up and drank the water. He felt the magic within his body and he didn't felt the cold chill of the freezing spell. The girl took the goblet and returned it into the bag. "Who are you?" Link was curious.

"You haven't recognized my voice yet, Hero of Time?" The girl replied and turned around to face Link. The girl closed her eyes and shined bright light, Link covered his eyes and slowly the light faded. Link looked and spotted the girl changed into a beautiful young woman. "We finally meet in person, Hero of Time." She was beautiful, passionate and noble. "I am Melartish, the crowned princess of Thera."
Posted by Divine_Link on Mar 29, 2006:
"I'm sorry for my deception, but I must conceal myself to be safe from the enemy and I know Princess Zelda would do the same.” Melartish grabbed a brown cloak from her bag and put it on. “Long we have allied with Hyrule and fight evil on your side, but now our kingdom of Thera is in vain and we need your help to fight this evil that frozen our beautiful land of prosperity.” She put on her hood, they both went outside and spoken. “We must head into the woods of Baslong. Somewhere in the woods is a sacred weapon that will aid us in our quest.” Link walked in front and Melartish followed him to begin their quest.

In the misty woods of Baslong, tall trees reached above, covering the sky with tree branches, little rivers frozen in ice and snow covered the ground. All of a sudden, they heard howl of a wolf nearby and Melartish explained. “Don’t worry about the wolves, their kind in this kingdom and they won’t harm the good.” Link spotted a white wolf staring at them from a hilltop. “Proceed we’re getting close to Fawn village.” Link continued to walk forward, Melartish looked at the watchful wolf and after followed Link.

As Link walked, he began to notice something and stopped. He took a look and he realized that he was standing in middle of a frozen village. “Look at this place . . . this place was so ever colorful and lively. This is the home of the Dekus and the Floras. They lived together in peace until this freezing spell was cursed upon their home and it’s heartbreaking to see them frozen in ice.” Melartish in a low voice and a tear dropped from her left eye. “We must go deeper into the woods until we reach a sacred shrine called Shrine of the Dragoness. Link let’s continue.”
Posted by Nick on May 27, 2006:
Link followed Melartish. Although he didn´t remembert the trip, because he thought of the words of Melartish. "Zelda is safe! I didn´t kill her! And as far as I understoud Melartish she wouldn´t even get involved if I clean this mess up quickly. What was it that she said? Because her eyes wer red was she a illusion! Not real! But then it would be easy to pick out the fals ones! To easy. Way to easy!"

"It is pretty easy to discover false ones, isn´t it? You only need to look at their eyes. That isn´t that hard." said Link.

"No it isn´t. The ones who creat them aren´t that clever. They always think they can kill us by letting illusions of the ones you like come near you and then attack you. But they forgot that it is respectfull for humans to look in each other eyes. So you fastly see if someone is real or not."

They were heading to a huge statue of ice. Link looked at the statue. It was enormous! A big pillar of 20 feet and then a statue of a human. It held it sword out and had a shield of the royal family on its back. His belt was fully loaded with all kind off gadgets. Link looked at the head of the statue the face wasn´t that pretty, but then Link saw the pointy hat and knew that it meant to be him. He went to look the other way back to the road when he saw something that took his attancion ( or however you write it ) In the statue Link saw himself and Melartish walking closer. But it were the eyes of Melartish that Link observed. The nice colered blue eyes of her weren´t blue anymore they were yust as blood red as Zelda´s eyes were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be continued