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When the time comes the Hero of Time shall fail.

Posted by ganondorf_evil on Oct 22, 2005:

I am known as Time. Yes, the very upholder of your future, time, and dimension. I am the Alpha the Omega, the beginning but there is no end. For quite some time I have kept my eye on one dimension called Hyrule. First it was the dimension of nothingness then I sent my three servent girls known as Din, Nayru, and Farore. They brought the blue skies, the red earth, and the creatures to live there. Then they left a present of knowledge, power, and courage known as the Triforce. Then years later in that dimension it grew into a peaceful land then my servant girls took my one great possesion. The Ocarina of Time. The one thing in which I could use to change the direction of time in a dimension only if I felt pity towards them. When my servants came back I punished them, they were ordered to go back and find the ocarina but instead they gave it to the rulers of Hyrule as a heirloom to the next generations. In present day in Hyrule, I felt a change that the ocarina was given to a mere child. Years have past and he defeated a great evil and sent him into oblivion. Should I release him under my control?
Posted by Wakefield on May 31, 2006:
"Link wake up, get up Link.", a twinkling voice chimed overhead.
"Mmmmph...I already have the hookshot, Dampe...I want a rupee.."
Navi was so suprised she almost fell out of the air, "Dampe?!? How dare you call me the name of that ugly old gravekeeper. Get up, Don't be a lazy shrub now, get up." She started batting him on the head, not resulting in to much.
"Five more minutes, c'mon I saved Hyrule." Link mumbled into his pillow.
Clearly at her wits end Navi shouted " Watch out Link, a Stalfo in Kokiri forest!"
*thump* The Hero of Time was out of bed so fast that he forgot to put his feet out under him and fell flat on his face. He jumped to his feet and unsheathed his sword. After surveying his house and the view from his balcony he realized he had been duped. "Your lucky I don't pluck your wings off, fairy."
he sheathed his sword missing the old familiar weight of the Master sword, not this sword. No doubt it was a great blade, but he had to leave the Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time in order to trap Ganon, and he missed it greatly.
He climbed down the ladder that lead up to his front door balcony, for after the entire ordeal he had returned to Kokiri forest to live out his life, claiming adventures and living a simple life amongst the Kokiri who knew of his feats and appreciated having a hero around.
he walkeed down his path and into the morning sunlight.
Posted by Gabe Puratekuta on Sep 21, 2006:
But something was amiss. Link could feel there was, or will soon be, a great problem somewhere in Hyrule.
Navi, seeing his face, smacked the Hero upside his head.
"What's with the dumb look?"
"There's something in the air.... I think Ganon might be coming back soon." Link then looked up at the sky. There were dark clouds forming in some places.
"That can't be good." Suddenly, Navi started shivering.
"What's wrong?"
"I-I just felt something... Something more pwerful than Ganon...."
"WHAT!?!?!" Link yelled so loud, that every Kokiri glared at him to keep his voice down. He then cleared his throat. "How can there be a more powerful evil than Ganon!?!"
"I don't know. Whoever, or whatever, it is, they'll be tough to beat."
"All in all, we'd better go talk to the Princess about this."
Navi got in close to his face. "Are you using this as an oppurtunity to be near Zelda...??" she asked in a mischievous tone that made Link blush.
"What!?! N-No, I--!!"
"C'mon! Admit it!"
"Hey, quit it!!" He then pulled out an empty bottle and practically stuffed Navi inside.
"Hey, let me out!!"
"Sorry, but you asked for it."