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A Mix of Chaos

What happened after Link came back from Termania?

Posted by jimbob236 on Oct 23, 2005:
Link entered the castle. A guard stopped him from entering Zelda's room. "Who are you?" The guard commanded. Link stared at him. "Do you not know me? I am Link, Hero of Time." "I've never heard of you..." The guard mumbled. "I am a friend of Zeldas" Link continued. "I could care less!" The guard snapped. "Shadow, who are you talking to?" A voice came from behind the door. "Nobody." The guard said, politely. "Then why are you talking?" Came the reply. "Is that you, Zelda?" Link asked. He approched the door, but Shadow stopped him from going through. "You shall not pass!" Shadow pushed Link down. "Really?" Link asked. He drew his Master sword.

Zelda gave the door a push, but Shadow held it shut. "Shadow, open this door!" Zelda commanded. "It is for your own safety." Shadow replied. With those words, the blade of the Master Sword came through the door. Zelda screamed.

In the shadows of Zelda's room, a young woman appeared. She had a potion in hand. A young Zora in Gerudo armour appeared. "Who are you?" The zora asked. "The question is. who are you?" She asked. "I am Spike. I used to work for Ganon." The girl gave him a look. "I am Desteny. I have never seen you in his tower." The girl said. "That is because I live in my Citadel underneath the Spirit Temple." Spike replied.

Shadow and Link burst into the room, fighting. Shadow and Link had a few injuries. Zelda backed up towards Spike and Desteny. "Now is my chance!" Desteny whispered. She hit Zelda on the back of the head with the potion. Zelda fainted and Desteny dissapeared.

Shadow went over to Spike. "What did you do?" Shadow commanded. "I did nothing. A girl named Desteny hit her with a potion." Spike replied. "A likley story." Link said as he went over to join Shadow. Link pointed his master sword at Spike. "So, you really want to fight?" Spike asked, drawing his weapon, a Dark Master Sword. "Bring it on!" He commanded.

Link attempted to jump at Spike, but Shadow held him back. "He is dangerous. He works for Ganon." "Used to!" Spike corrected. Link got out of Shadow's reach and tackled Spike to the ground. He raised the Master sword.

A girl that looked no older than 5 entered the room. Shadow walked over to her. "What is your name, and why are you here?" He asked. "My name is Alice." The girl said. She picked up Shadow and threw him out the door. "And I am here for Zelda."

"Link. There is an evil presence more evil than Ganon comming from that girl!" Spike pointed out. Alice walked over to Zelda and teleported Zelda and herself to Hyrule Field. "Zelda!" Link called. He jumped out the window. Shadow layed, unconcius. Spike teleported.
Posted by Gabe Puratekuta on Oct 11, 2006:
Zelda had awakened in a dungeon cell.
"" she groggily asked asn she held her hand to hre forehead. Her head was still pounding from the effects of the potion. There was a damp rag on her head. 'Where'd this come from?' she thought.
"Oh, you're finally up." said a swet voice from the shadows.
Zelda looked to see who it was and saw a young Gerudo, about the same age as her, walk into the dim light. The girl the same skin color and the hooked nose, but was less defined and smaller than the other Gerudo she has seen. She also had violet eyes and a smile that could bring kindness to even the fiercest of men.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Kaylia Dragmire, Princess." she answered and bowed her head.
Kaylia tried to calm her down. "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. Ganondorf was--is my father, but I'm not like him."
Zelda was reluctant to believe her.
"I wish I could prove it, but I've no magic skill to show." she said as she turned around and walk back into the drakness