Ongoing Story

Death or Darkness?

Link discovers the truth

Posted by Nabooru#1 on Nov 3, 2005:
Link awoke in his bed, startled awake by his nightmare, or was it the storm? He wasn't sure. Slowly he put on his clothes and stepped out into the forest, once outside he heard a strange howling that shook the trees around him. Shaken, he asked himself:

"What was that? It sounded familiar but different I can't remember." Cautiously he stepped quietly deeper into the forest listening for the sound again but it didn't come again.

Suddenly he felt the familiar tug of the dark world close by and he wandered towards it. He came to a clearing and in the center of it was a dark, swollen hole in which he heard the cries of several children.

"HELP!!! HELP US!!!" they cried miserably and Link instinctly he went over to the hole and carefully leaned over to see small shapes dissapearing into what felt like to him a portal to the dark world. Quick as a flash one shape jumped up and grabbed his neck dragging Link down into the hole with it.
Posted by DarkZelda on Nov 18, 2005:
The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of screams,and horrible horrible visions......Deeper and deeper into the Dark World,Link was dragged by the unknown figure.
Suddenly,he hit ground....face first.

Link let out a moan,and got up.He eyed his surroundings.....and nearly fell over.

The sky was pitch black,with swirling dark purple clouds scattered here and there.A thick green fog covered most of the land,and creeepy looking dead trees shot out to the sky like the arms of an undead,reaching out for the living.....

The abyss.He was in the abyss.

He had heard about the abyss once before,but he thought it was only a story.....people said that this place drove people insane,and that one could get lost for an eterinty if they were not carfel.....

people also said that the abyss was home to monsters more powerful than those of the living world.

However,the only sound Link could hear was that of the howling wind,rushing past him.The wind was so strong and so an icy breath.

Who would create such a place?!?!!?
Posted by bluejx23 on Jan 20, 2006:
"Well they certainly didn't have good intentions", a whisper from behind startled Link.

Link decided not to take any chances. He leaped forward, drew his sword, and rolled to evade an attack. No attack came.

"You certainly are a lively one aren't you?", An old man stood, fully cloaked, a few feet behind Link.

Questions came to Link from every direction, but the one that stook out the most: How did he know what I was thinking?

"Well I have the ability to peer into one's soul. I can easily tell that you are one of great courage. Which will be required if you are to escape this "abyss", as you call it.

"Now I can help you, but first you must help me."
Posted by star_breaker on Feb 27, 2006:
“Why?” Asked Link, unsheathing his sword. “What do you want from me?”

“Easy there, youngster… I’m not going to hurt you… why would I hurt the esteemed Hero of Time?” Link gawped. How did this old man know so much about him?

“I’m not that old, sonny! And I’ve already told you, I can see into your soul. Handy thing, when you’re the Sage of Spirit…”

“What?! That’s not true! Nabooru is the rightful Sage of Spirit! You’re a… a- fraud!”

“True, true… perhaps I voiced my facts incorrectly… I am Nabooru’s father.” A shocked silence descended. For a long time, Link didn’t know what to say.

“Saying: ‘I believe you’ would be a start,” the old man stated crisply. At last, Link found his voice.

“I-it’s not true,” he croaked, shaking his head slowly. “There’s only one male Gerudo born into the clan every hundred years. During Nabooru’s time, it was Gannon.”

“Don’t even mention that despicable demon’s name around me!”” Spat the old man.

“You know him-?”

“Know him? Of course I know him!” Roared the old man, striding around in his sandals, looking, for the first time, quite scary. “He was the evil bastard that created this place! He was the one who set up vortexes, to trick me, and others of heroic natures, into being trapped here! And he was the one who stole my magic pendant!”

“Pendant?” Repeated Link, perking up. “What magic pendant?”

“I found it!” Insisted the old man. “Outside the Spirit Temple! I had been exploring the temple, and went outside for a bit to rest my weary bones. I was taking a sip of water, when I saw a crystal chameleon!”

”A crystal chameleon?” Snorted Link. “What kind of fairy tale is this?”

“Don’t you smirk at me, boy! Crystal chameleons are merely treasure detectors of the desert! They live off crystals! Suck the magic right off them! It’s what makes them survive! Anyway, I followed this chameleon, knowing it would lead me to hidden treasures. I was quite poor at the time, and thought I could sell the treasure. Then I could buy food, to feed my wife and newborn daughter, Nabooru. But this chameleon seemed on its last legs. It led me to the spot, an oasis, and keeled over. I drained the oasis, and started digging. Took me hours, but at last I found a magic crystal. It was the most beautiful thing ever… it sparkled and gleamed all different colors when it caught the light. Anyway, now that I had seen its breathtaking beauty, I felt no desire to sell it… instead, I used the magic in the crystal to seal the spirit of the chameleon inside it. Now, this crystal could detect other treasures… but, because I had sealed away a spirit, (which was now trapped in there for eternity, unless the crystal ever breaks) the crystal cursed me… and the curse turned out to be a blessing in disguise… I could see into other people’s souls. Sometimes, it’s a misery… to see what other people have been through…” Here the old man paused, looking thoughtful. Link was intrigued. “But then, that bastard, Gannondorf Dragmire… he stole it! I secretly made the crystal into a pendant, you see, to keep it with me at all times. Anyway, Gannon was born… and it was a big shock to me, because, as you know, only one Gerudo male is allowed to survive every hundred years. And I was already there. Therefore, Gannon would be sentenced to death if he came near the clan. But when his parents died, I had no wish to kill an innocent child… fool that I was, I took him to the witches who lived in the Spirit Temple, and pleaded to them to look after him. To my surprise, they accepted, and raised him in the Temple. I told nobody of this child. I feared they would be angry at me, maybe even harm Nabooru… and that would destroy me. Anyway, I spent a lot of my time in the desert, searching for other precious stones, for there were rumors that one of the goddesses had left a magical element here, in the form of a fantastic gem. And that’s when Gannon, now a grown man, found me… he believed I had killed his parents, you see. He was about to kill me, when he saw the pendant… by now he was searching for the whereabouts of the Triforce, and the Spiritual Stones. So, guessing its abilities, he stole the pendant, then, sent me into this dark place. And here I’ve been, for all those years…”

”Wow,” whispered Link. Then, coming to his senses, he added “But what do you want me to do?”

”Well sonny, here’s the deal… Gannon comes here occasionally, on some Dark business… and I need you to get my pendant back.”
Posted by Athelin on Jun 22, 2006:
Link nodded, but asked, "What do I get out of this?"
"I spare you life boy!!" the old man roared, but when Link faltered and gulped, he laughed. "I'm just kidding!" He said.

"If you retrieve my pendant, I'll give you something special..." "What?" Link interrupted. The old man scowled. "You'll have to find out! Now, you'll probably need to stay in the area and when he shows his face, I'll need you to find out a way to get the pendant."