Ongoing Story

Silent Doom

Some body is secretly after Link's head.

Posted by Link_Dream on Dec 3, 2005:
It was a quiet and dark-filled night. There was a storm outside--- nobody could think straight with all the noise. The deku scrubs were out in Kokiri Forest tonigt, but other then that, not a soul was outside. The loud patter of the rain and frequent booms of thunder nearly shook the forest...

In more detail, there was one person outside--- if that's what you could call it. it was a shadowy figure that would move from place to place so quickly whenever it moved, nobody knew that --it-- existed.

Whatever "it" was... it was in the forest for a reason...
Posted by Adlez47 on Jan 8, 2006:
The figure weaved through the trees with lightning speed. This continued until it reached a certain house...

No, this was not Link's house, it was the house of Saria.
Posted by Nick on Jan 14, 2006:
It went in and found out the house was empty. But it knew that for long. she was a sage now. So she couldn´t come home. It searcht the house for something. And it found it somewere under the bed. It pulled it out and laughed a nasty evil laugh.

On that moment Link awaked...
Posted by kedroks on Mar 17, 2006:
Link awoke in a bed of chicken feathers. He had spent the night at Lon Lon Ranch on his way to Gerudo Valley. He had known Talon would never alow him to spend the night on a school night so he asked Malon and she snuck him in to the chicken coop. Link stretched and brushed off some chicken feathers, "well thanks malon, guess i'd better be going, i've gato get to gerudo you know". "You can't leave yet! we still haveto play pony!-"Err...But I realy gato go".-No! You promised Fairy Boy! "I'll tell Talon if you do'nt"... So Link played pony for a while then with a thanks, a goodbye, and a bottle of milk for the road, Link was on his way.

Link got out his Ocrena and played Eponas song: do do doo, do do doo, do do doo do doo.
Epona came galloping across Hyrule fields, kicking up dust as she ran. Link jumped on the side as she ran by at full speed, a trick they had performed many a times for rupees. Epona and Link raced thruogh the fields, leaping fences and smashing thruogh bushes. it was nice to be on a REAL pony (after having to play that embaresing game of pony with Malon). although Link was only 11 some how he had found a glitch wich alowed him to ride Epona as a pony.

Link rode westward towards Gerudo. the sun was seting now, and long shadows cast down upon the land, hiding the Dark shadow wich creeped among them. Link stoped to set up camp for the night. he layed out his sleeping bag and made a quick fire to cook his stew he made out of milk and some deku nuts and some magic beans some weird dude gave him. Little did Link know that under cover of darkness lurked an evil shadow of death...

Posted by starfgh/zelda on May 8, 2010:
As Link slowly began to fall asleep, the shadow approached him, stalking him, not lifting one eye off him. The shadow stared at Link with eyes as red as rupees, watching him rise with every breath.
"Perfect" ,he thought,"The Hero of Time's life ends now."
The shadow raised a dagger high over his head and began to lower it when Epona neighed, waking Link.
"What is it, Epona?" Link asked, not seeing the threat right behind him. He turned, slowly, with his hand on the handle of his sword. He caught a glimps of a pair of glowing red eyes. Instantly he pulled out his sword and swung, but by then, the shadow was gone. Link scratched his head, puzzled. Had he been hallucinating?
"Well, that was strange... We should probably get moving, huh, Epona?" No answer. "Epona" Link turned to see that his beautiful horse was gone. Mabye he wasn't hallucinating after all.
"Crap" he thought, "Well it's no good staying here, might as well go visit Koroki Village." And with that, he was off. It was late dawn, so it was a bit brighter out, and Link could see where he was going.

When Link finally got there, it was high noon, and dead silent. He walked into Saria house, hoping that for some reason, Saria had returned. The house was empty. But something wasn't right...but what???
Link gazed at her bed, doesn't Saria usually keep her house SUPER tidy? The bed was a mess, and there were a few books on the floor. Then, Link remembered the strange figure earlier this morning, did he or she have something to do with this?

Link stayed in Saria's house for a few hours, then left. It was pretty dark out, so Link got out a lantern. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the flame out. Link was about to light again, when a beautiful voice that sounded like bells chiming, spoke.
"Hello, Hero..." it said.
Link turned to see Zelda, or was it Zelda? She looked just like her, but her eyes, they glowed the same red of the strangers before.
"Who are you?" Link asked in a strong voice, his finger tips touching the handle of his sword.
"You don't remember me? Zelda? Well I guess I do look a little different, now." She said.
Something silver flashed in her hand, it was a dagger!
"What did you do with the real Zelda?" Link asked.

She cocked her head to the side and said,"Whatever do you mean?" Slowly, she walked toward Link, dagger in hand.
Again, she said,"What ever do you mean?"
Link passed out......

Posted by starfgh/zelda on May 8, 2010:
Link awoke the next morning, or evening, he couldn't tell, it was so dark. Links wrists and ankles hurt and felt as though metal was pressed hardly all the way around them. Then, light flooded in the room, someone had opened a door. Links heart fluttered, then skipped a beat when two figures stepped into the light. It was the strange woman, and someone else. Link squinted, and saw that the figure was him! Or something like him. It was grey, and its eyes were pitch black. What was this? Link thought.

The grey figure aproached Link, and reached his hand out as if to touch Links chest. But instead of stopping, his hand went through Link! Links breath caught, the pain was excrusheating! Link thrashed and screamed, and for a second, he could of sworn that Zelda's red eyes turned blue again, and filled with concern, and as quick as it happened, her eyes were red again. The figure stepped forward, and entered Link's body. Link blacked out again...

Several seconds later, Link slowly opened his eyes, they glowed an eriee red. Zelda smiled...
Posted by starfgh/zelda on Mar 17, 2011:
"Welcome, young Hero, to your new life." 'Zelda' said.

Link was terrified, but he could not move his mouth, his eyes, or even his legs. Zelda pulled a small key out of her hair, which was in a tight bun. She freed Linkk of the chains that bared him. He tried to stand, but couldn't, he still couldn't control himself. Suddenly Zelda walked away, and without trying, Link stood, and followed. There was only one possible answer to this....