Ongoing Story

futher into the great sea

Link and Tetra head off ferther into the great sea.This story is based

Posted by TriforceFighter on Dec 14, 2005:
"LINK!LINK! MISS TETRA WANTS YOU!" says one of Tetras pirates."wha-what? Oh Tetra wants me ok just give me a few more minutes" Link said. Link was still tired form his last adventre when he killed Gannon using the Master Sword.
Posted by achitka on May 16, 2006:

Another ten minutes went by and Link still wasn't awake. Niko fidgeted as an angry voice above decks made him jump.

"Niko! I thought I told you to get Link up here?"

"Coming MIss!" Niko shouted in reply. He shook Link again but the boy only rolled over in his sleep swatting at the pirate's hands.



Niko shook Link even harder, but he just wouldn't wake up. The sound of someone coming down the staircase was more than the swabbie could take. If Miss Tetra found Link still asleep...he shuddered to think what would happen to the boy.

"This is for your own good, mate." Niko said and picking up a bucket of ice cold seawater, he'd been saving for the laundry, dumped on Link's head.

LInk sputtered and scrambled to his feet. "Gah! wha! Hey, Niko, what's the idea trying to drown me..."

The door burst open and Tetra walked into the hold. Her angry expression turned to mild amusement as her eyes slid from Niko, who immediately dropped his bucket, to a soaking wet Link. She crossed her arms and waited.

"We was just coming up, Miss," Niko said as he cleared his throat and elbowed Link.

Tetra nodded and with the Captain's eyes still on him, Niko nervously picked up his bucket and stared at the floor as he headed out the door.

"You wanted to see me?" Link asked and blinked when Tetra's gaze returned to him.

"Yes," she said quite calmly, "I need you topside with that Wind Waker of yours...Gonzo's spotted an island, and we need to if your done playing around down here..."

Link and decided against contridicting her. On the few occaisions he'd done so in the past...he'd certainly lived to regret it. Tetra may be a girl, but she was the scariest girl on the ocean.

Posted by dorlan on Oct 26, 2006:
The island gonzo spotted seemed to be there and not be there. "tetra" get ready it look's there's a storm coming. sure anough there was a extremly fierce storm surounding the island a sudden bolt of lightning hit the mast for a second Link saw a strange fish-like thing flying in the sky in front of the ship the blackness. Link could hear wave's washing against a rock then he woke up with a start the ship was hit by lightning how did he end up here and where was here and what was that fish he saw he turned around and saw a giant moutain with a egg on the summit. where was he and did all this seem so famiialr then he remebered when he was young he was told a story about a hero who went to a island that was a dream.