Ongoing Story

The Mystery...

Link gives chase to a mysterious man...

Posted by Zelda Veteran on Jan 28, 2006:
It was a moon-lit night, and link was sound asleep until something awoke him. He sat up in bed, and listened... creak... creak... creak... footsteps. He thought perhaps his old man was up for a midnight snack.

im gonna scare the bejeebers out of gramps! he thought. With a grin on his face he tip-toed down the hall. But when he opened the door, he stopped short, for it was another man! He was stealing rupees out of the drawer!

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Link yelled.

The hooded stranger turned around and went staight out the door! Link grabbed his sword and shield and gave chase. The man was fast, but link was determined to catch him. The man jumped on his horse, thinking Link would give up. NO! Link strapped on his Pegasus Boots and ran like the wind!

Knowing there was no hope in continuing, the man turned around and pleaded "If you let me go, you can have your rupees."

Link agreed, took the rupees and watched the man dissapear into the night... but when Link turned around to go home, but realized he had no idea where he was at! There were two paths behind him. He played a quick game of eeny meeny miny mo, and took the left path. As he was wandering, he saw a clearing up ahead. He cautiously peered out of the bushes to see somthing amazing... he saw the hooded stranger standing there!

But I was sure he went the other direction! Links mind raced furiously. All of a sudden the man sat down on a stump, and began to whistle a mystical tune... somthing made a sound, in the trees. Keese appeared and began to circle above, seagulls swooped low, the stars shined brighter than ever, and all the animals of the forest began to rush out of the trees, and parade around the masked man. Then the man removed his mask...

Link couldn't believe his eyes...
Posted by bluejx23 on Feb 3, 2006:
Link woke up with a sudden jolt. His heart racing, he checked his surroundings to be sure he was in the right place. His small two-room house was cozy and humble, just the way Link liked it. Was that a dream? Link wondered what could have triggered such a nightmare, if it even was a nightmare...

Link decided not to put too much thought into it so he got out of bed and checked if gramps was still asleep. The old guy was sound asleep. Either I didn't make much noise, or gramps can sleep through anything... he could sleep through anything

After gathering his weapons, Link walked outside into the backyard. He practiced his archery, he was a little rusty so he was honing his aim until an unexpected visitor arrived...
Posted by Master Link on Feb 16, 2006:
The hooded robber was back. Link immidietly stopped practicing his archery and looked behind him to see the hooded man stealing all of the rupees. Suddenly the man tripped and fell to the ground, his hood falling off of his head, revealing the man to be someone that Link thought he would never see again.
Posted by bluejx23 on Feb 22, 2006:
As soon as he saw who it was, he pulled an arrow out of his quiver and let it fly toward the new threat. The arrow hit where it was supposed to, right on the cloak, Link's enemy to the ground. This person wasn't Link's main enemy, but he was a childhood rival.

"Why are you here Mido?"
Posted by kedroks on Mar 16, 2006:
Mido looked stardled at the arow pining him to the ground and then up at link. in an angry voice he cried out "Grrreeoo Awwaaay From Me!". mido pulled the arow from the ground and ran off down the path, spilling rupees as he ran. "well that was odd" link thought. I'd better figure out what mido is up to. link put away his trusty bow, packed a quike lunch of milk and deku nuts, and started down the path after mido. "who am i kidding i'll never find-oof!" link had stumt his foot on something hard. he reached down and picked up a rupee. "of course! i'll just follow the trail of rupees he dropped!". and thats what he did. the rupees led him all the way to midos house, or at least was his house. in front of the lawn was a sighn: "FOR SALE-SOLD". link was jaw dropped.but this wasent the end of the trail of rupees, link followed on, the trail led deep into the lost wood, there it wound about till it came to a clearing, there he saw, hudled in a circle, mido and his family. they were crying. link listend intently.
Posted by Altaire on Aug 5, 2006:
Mido: So you found me... I see there is no way out of this...
Link: Why did you do such a thing?
Mido: You see... we are broke. There is nothing left for us, The new Deku Tree is rather greedy and...
Link: You liar! you don't even have a family! the kokiris are your only family!

And then Link slapped Mido.

Mido: You're smart, kid. But so girly, why did you have to slap me?

Then the family vanished and Mido transformed into Dark Link..

Dark Link: I bet you weren't expecting me!
Link: But this doesn't make any sense! I must be dreaming again!

At that moment, a pink tektite passed by floating next to them, Link stared at his counterpart with a stunned look on his face.

Link: So this is all a dream after all.
Dark Link: You wish! this is the new magic I've got, from an interdimentional wizard, what was his name? it was kinda like Vali... Va.. Baba... Vaati? oh, yes, that's it.
Link: Well I really don't give a darn! rain or shine, you're going down...!!
Posted by Master Link on Aug 6, 2006:
"Really?" Dark Link asked in astonishment, "I never thought I would lose to a wimp like you!" He charged at Link with his sword out, but Link back-flipped and threw a round-house kick at Dark Link knocking him back into a tree and, lighting fast, pulled his sword and shield out. He raised his sword abouve his head and fused magic into it, then pointed it at Dark Link as he was recoiling, and shot a gigantic wave of magic at him. Boom! It hit, and Dark Link's body was blown to smithereens. Then, Ganon (in his human form) appeared in front of him and laughed the most evil laugh anyone could have ever heard.

"You fool!" he laughed, "Did you honestly think the Seven Sages' seal would hold me there forever?" And then Link woke up in his bed.

"What in Nayru is going on?" he asked himself, "This is the second time I've woken up, well, maybe." Link couldn't have ever been prepared for what was going to happen next.