Ongoing Story

The Goddess and the Hero

Farore comes to Hyrule to help Link on his quest to destroy Ganondorf.

Posted by Sheikah on Feb 1, 2006:


I looked down upon the world I helped to create in disgust. Wars, battles and bloodthirsty soldiers. Is this what we have made? Is this the way that Hyrule shall be? Then I gaze upon the Kokiri Forest, the center of my creation, the sacred place which I took most pride in building. I see the girl that has the forest on her shoulders. I see the boy who is both mean and kind. And I see the child without a fairy, the child who is destined to be a hero.

I know he will bring Hyrule to a new age. I know he will battle with the Dark One that I sense is coming. And I know I should help him. My sister Din is the guardian of the Gerudos. I sense this Dark One will be a part of that tribe. My other sister Nayru is guardian of the Royal Family. I sense that a Bright One will be born in this tribe. And I, I am guardian of the Kokiri, and this new hero is my charge.


I wish I had a fairy. I wish the others would not tease me so. I wish the only people in the world were Saria and I. I wish so much. But I know that the wishes and dreams of a forest boy will never come true, and I shouldn't weigh myself down with hopeless thoughts. But I can't help thinking that there is something more to my life. Something big. Saria has been acting strangely - I think she senses something too...

Posted by NoOnSh on Apr 3, 2006:
Link sighed and rolls over restlessly and stares up at the roof of his tree house before looking over at the window to see that it was slowly turning night. Rolling over again puts his face to the pillow before slowly falling asleep.


Dodging to the side as the white stallion ran by me and briefly watching the two figures riding upon it fade out into the storm. I then turn to face the man whose eyes burned with hate he lifted his hand and let loose a blast of dark energy.


Link awoke to find a fairy flying around his head yelling at him at how lazy she thought he was. “Who are you?” Link asked as the fairy landed on his head.

“I’m Navi your fairy partner. The Great Duka Tree has asked for your presence.”

“You mean... m-me… he asked for me!” Link exclaimed excitedly, jumping off his bed and grabbing for his hat after seeing the sun starting to rise. Link’s dream was pushed to the back of his mind as he slid down the ladder and almost ran into Saria.
Posted by Gabe Puratekuta on Oct 6, 2006:

I watched as the soon-be hero is greeted by a forest fairy. It brings me joy to see that the other Kokiri will treat him more kindly, but it also brings sadness for that he will be set off unto a quest that he may not be ready for.


Perhaps there is something that I can do....


"Whoa there, Saria. What's up?"
"I....need to talk to you abou--" Saria noticed Navi. "Oh, a fairy's come to you? That's wonderful!!"
Link blushed a little and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, it is, isn't it."
"Quit wasting time, Link! The Great Deku Tree wants to see you right away!!"
"Right, right." he then straightened up a bit. "I'm sorry, Saria, but I've got to go." Link then ran toward where the Deku Tree rests
Posted by dorlan on Oct 25, 2006:
When Link got there he saw a giant parasite dig a hole into the deku tree Link charged after it in vain because an army skulantrala's attacked him *Navi* Link run for it you don't stand a chance against that all of them.Link ran back to the forest there met Mido. *Mido* what's this Saria's great hero running away from a few spider's. so Link found out that you shoud alway's bring a sword and shield the did you? *Link* even with a sword and shield I would'nt have stood a chanse anyway there were about a 100 of them. link went to the training ground's to get the Kokiri blade. *Farore* It's almost here that dark one the fate of hyrule lie's with you Link hero of time.