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The Goron Link, son of Draunia (sage of

Posted by Wakefield on Jun 8, 2006:
The Sun is setting on the plains of Hyrule, the battle between the King of Evil and The Hero of Time still present in the nation's mind, even if it did occur over 10 years ago. High above Kakiriko village Death Mountain loomed, the sunset bathing it in a orange glow. The clouds around its crown were normal and the breeze was warm coming off Hyrule Field. Up atop the mountain lived the Gorons, a peaceful race that enjoyed their relitive isolation, really only interacting with other races to trade. On this day though the sunset was being watched by two life long friends, Link and Logo, two gorons of about the same of, which is 18.

"Just another day on Death Mountain, eh Link?"

"Yeah I guess so" replied the goron, whose name he shared with the Hero of Time. He turned around and reentered the Goron city, his thoughts heavily upon his father.

"Where are you going Link? The sun is just setting." He walked over to his friend a took his shoulder. He noticed tears in Link's eyes and knew immediatly what was on his mind, "Link its not your fault, you were very young then there was nothing you could do. You told the Hero what was happening and you even gave him that tunic, without you he couldn't even have entered the temple, and the whole goron race would be eaten."

"I know its just that I miss my father so much he was a great leader and warrior I am not even worthy of that, I could never fill his place."

"I'm sorry, you know we will have many more years of sunsets, lets go get some Dodongo rocks, those always make you feel better." They went into the Goron city, towards the storeshouse of rocks that they kept ever since teh shortage 18 years ago when the Hero needed to rid the caves of the evil Dodongos.
Posted by boyrudders on Jan 6, 2007:
After enjoying some rocks link had come to a startling decision.

"im gonna get my father back!" he cried
"what do you mean get him back?" logo replied
"im going to the sacred realm if there is no ganon then there is no one for the sages to keep sealed therfore they can be free again friend free to do whatever they desire" link roared gleefully.

"your crazy!" logo spat "i mean the only one ever to come even close to killing ganon is the hero of time and yet he had a lot of help did he not? and besides ganon is a trained warrior your brawn vs his brains i think i know who id put my money on".

Before link got to say another word a mysterious voice was heard by both gorons

"this maybe true but have you ever thought off what happened to the hero?" the voice cooly said.

"He left hyrule for a distant land searching for a friend thats common knowledge among all races of hyrule" link chuckled.

"That maybe true but have you ever thought why the hero never returned to the land upon where he made hs vital mark?" the figure stepped out of the shadows he had ginger hair a goofy smile and a big bag of masks strapped to his bag he pulled out a bottle "in this bottle lays the dead spirit of the hero i want you
to play the song im about to sing on your drums" he relasesed the spirit and played logo and link played there congo drums in beat with the lyrics.

When the song was finally over a mask appered on the floor "the song i just played for you was the song of healing and that mask is the mask of the hero of time"
the mask man coldly said "well what do you want me to do with it?" was links answer.

"I want you to wear it and become the next hero of time.
Posted by Wakefield on Jan 16, 2007:
As mysteriously as he had appeared the mask salesman melded right back into the shadows, leaving the two friends standing there open mouthed and in awe.
"So, are you going to try it on or not?" Logo simply could not put up with the anticipation, and picked up the mask and tossed it to Link.
Link caught the mask and turned it over and over in his hands inspecting it, with a look of intense thought spread across his face, "Don't you find it a little funny that this just happens now, after what we were just talking about?" He glanced up to his friend, with calculating eyes.
"Well, I didnt really think about it, I figured it was supposed to happen, so it did." He shrugged his shoulders, "Why not try it on."
A thought suddenly flashed through Links mind, he dropped the mask to the ground as though it burnt him, and turned to his companion, "So this means that the hero of time was killed."
"What do you mean?" Logo inquired.
"Well, the mask salesman said that it was the dead spirit of the Hero of Time, that means that the Hero had been killed."
Eyes widening Logo suddenly caught on to his friends revelation, "The hero wouldnt even be 30 years of age right now."
"Exactly, so he was killed or this is some sort of trap, or maybe even both." He walked back over the mask and picked it up, "That salesman gave me a really bad feeling. Did you see how he just dissappeared?"
"Once again friend I was a little distracted by the fact that the Hero's soul was being given to you."
Link sighed, wishing his friend was a bit brighter, "We need to go find the Princess, we're leaving right away."
Posted by Zora Fisherman on Jul 29, 2007:
On the way to Hyrule castle Logo and Link passed a frog. "Stop," Logo cried, "I have an idea."
"Not now, Logo," Link said vilolently panting, "If we don't get to Castle town before it get dark they'll lock the gate and we'd have to wait until dawn to get in." Logo pointed at the frog and opened his mouth as if Link was acting stupid. "What, I don't get what you're trying to say," Link said. "Put the mask on the frog and see what will happen. " Logo shouted.
Link stared at the hopping green frog and suddenly it stoped hopping. The frog looked at Link with eyes that seemed to be geting bigger. The eyes also started gleaming at Link as if it was going to cry.
"Okay, I guess I'll try it," Link murmerd to Logo.
Link kneeled down and held the mask in front of him. He slowly started moving it toward the frogs head. Link felt a little scared, he didn't know what might happen. He looked through the eyeholes in the mask of The Hero of Time and saw the frogs gleaming eyes. Link suddenly felt a strong urg to put the mask on the frogs face. He then shoved the mask at the frog.
Suddenly light started beaming out of the crackes between the mask and the frogs face. The light became so blinding that both Gorons quickly turned the over way and cavered their eyes with their rocky arms.
Then the light stop. both Gorons turned, and got on their belly, bowing. Link the hero of time Was standing in front of them.