Ongoing Story

A hunt for wisdom

A strange figure decides to pay a visit to the castle. Its form is unk

Posted by ZELDAFAN!n_n on Jun 20, 2006:
It was a beautiful morning in Hyrule market. The sun was shining and nothing was happening, at all.

But, as the day went by, and the sun began to fade away into the horizon, dark clouds began to draw over the entirety of Hyrule. Everything went darker and darker...The adults began to go inside, worried. But, their kids remained outside, playing. But, rain began falling from these dark clouds, and the older kids went inside, trying to avoid getting too wet. Yet, the younger ones stayed outside, playing in the puddles. But, soon, these clouds began to emit lightning. Some kids only enjoyed the flashes, while others were too scared and went inside. But, mere seconds later, raging thunders were heard, and the rest went inside.

“Perfect...” was heard, by nothing, in the empty streets of Hyrule market. All had gone inside, but, one had come, from outside the walls themselves. It was wearing a robe and its dark form was feasting on the silence, the loneliness...“Nothing at all...this, is how it should always be...” What was within the robes was unseen, for no-one was there to see it, all else had gone inside...“There; the castle...there, a strange power resides there...I shall find it, no matter what...” And, so, it left, for the castle, in its unseen form...
Posted by TeamGastly on Nov 15, 2006:
Like a thunderous jolt, a strong mare cleared the fences marking the gateway to Lake Hylia, where Link, the Hero of Time, had been since the early morning hours, fishing at the small pond. He was disappointed that he couldn't catch the kinds of fish he had caught when he was older. He then thought about how silly it was to think such a thing, "when he was older." The soft laughter at this thought made up for his poor fishing day.

His horse Epona had been anxious to leave and roared past the countryside like a bolt of lightning exploding from a rough thunderhead. As Epona jumped the final fence, Link raised his head and immediately tugged the reigns like a desperate competitor in a tug-of-war match. His horse, panicked, whipped its front legs up, slingshotting Link off and into the soft grass below. After calming Epona, the Hero of Time gazed again toward the horizon where Hyrule Castle Town was shrouded by a large black veil of clouds. This was no storm - Link had seen clouds like these before. These were the same bodies of blackness that had covered the land the day he saw Zelda and Impa fleeing from a dark man of the desert so long ago. Something was amiss and he needed to rush to town as fast as possible.

Ganondorf was gone. How could this happen? Link's mind flowed with constant thought as he and Epona raced across the fields of Hyrule. He knew there was a new evil making its way into his life and into the realm of peace and tranquility that Hyrule had been since the fall of the dark man of the desert. What he didn't know was what it was. As he closed in on the town, his surroundings were engulfed in darkness. It couldn't be any later than two in the afternoon, yet the countryside was lit like midnight. The drawbridge was still lowered, at least. As Epona trottted through the outer walls of the castle though, he felt a certain coldness that could only be associated with unspeakable evil. He felt a shock rise through his skeleton when he saw the town marketplace completely abandoned and lifeless.

A gasp accompanied a bone-shattering revelation in Link's mind; at a time like this, the person in the most danger was none other than Princess Zelda. He and Epona rushed toward the castle. He hoped he was not too late...
Posted by boyrudders on Jan 6, 2007:
After reaching the castle and battling his way to the throne room he heard the cry would haunt his dreams for ever "hello mrhero nice for you to stop by i was just collecting the triforce of wisdom from our now dead friend zelda" link yelped as he saw zeldas dead body on the floor with a look of terror on bot hhis and the now dead zelda he withdrew his sword and lunged at the man witch had just took away the love of his life.

the figure turned around and parryed links sword with a blade of his own his hood fell and the culprit was revealed "dark link!"link screamed "yes link i am back and so is ganon"
Posted by darklinkbeta200 on Apr 13, 2008:
Link:"but how! I defeated you and ganon was sealed away by the sages". DL:" I wouldn't worry about that .very soon it won't even matter". standing opposite from link dark link raises his sword and with a downward swipe hits the young hero with a bolt of dark energy. The attack knocks back link into a nearby
pillar but before dark link can move in to finish him a white light envelops the room.

When link awakens he finds himself once again in the sacred relm there he sees zelda lying motionless.
A sage approches " hero, you are needed once again".
link:"great sage, how did this happen?" Sage:"The gerudo brought the dark one back from the abyss and with his help released ganon from his prison and now without the princess there is no way to seal him away again".

Link:"Tell me what I must do."
Posted by zen_blade on Jun 13, 2008:
"You make the best blueberry Pies, Link!" said a very content Sage, who was sitting back on a little wooden chair in a small cottage on the edge of the Kokiri Forest. He was digging in to a hearty slice of the freshly baked delight, for it was too delicious. "this recipie was passed to me by the Great Deku Tree a while back; boy did he know where to find the best blueberries!" gleemed Link, who was busy with oven mitts, trying to retreive a fresh batch of chocolate cookies without burning himself.

*sigh*, what a wonderful afternoon, don't you think, Linky?" said the Sage, right after finishing the delicious blueberry pie. "Sure is, Sagey, Sure is." replied Link, sitting next to him, staring out the window to the far off castle" ...."I feel like we're suppose to be doing something," said the Sage, "*Burp!* "Ooh! Excuse me!"
Link chuckled, then said, "Its ok, I burp all the time!...but yeah, your right. I have the feeling we were suppose to be doing something. Lets see, lets see, now where were we. I suppose if we were to think backwards, we'd be able to find out what the heck we were suppose to be doing."

"Great idea!" chirped the Sage, then stuffed a cookie in his mouth, followed by a big glass of crisp Lon Lon milk"

Ok, lets see, I just made Hyrulian Chocolate chip cookies....then before that you asked if I could make a pie, and I said yes I can.....lets see before that, the Princess Zelda was laying motionless in a giant crystal, then before that, er, about Gannon taking over the see, what else..."

*choke!**cough*cough!!!! The Sage spat out the cookie in his mouth all over Link's tunic,

"Hey, what the Fu-" barked Link, but was interupted by a red faced Sage.

"Oh my Goddess!!!! We're suppose to be rescuing I mean the Princess Zelda! We've been fools for the last 12 days, baking cookies and pies, swimming and fishing in Lake Hyrule, and building sand castles. Damn it! How could we have gotten so side-tracked!" yelped the Sage, who was now changing out of his sweat pants and tee shirt, and putting back on his Sage-like Robes.

LInk blinked a couple of times, then got really mad! "So. I see you didn't like my pies. And I'll bet your going to tell everyone about my secret fishing spots and ....*sob* all this meant nothing to you??? *soob*sob!** Putting his sword on his belt, he reluctantly followed the Sage, who had stuffed the rest of the cookies amongst the fold of his robes, and got on Epona, while The sage mounted his own horse.

Togther they rode off to the Gerudo Desert, in search of Gannon, or if it was too hard to do that, then a nice place to take a picknik.