Ongoing Story

The search fot a worthy hero...

Link goes on vacation to fish at Termina, and in the meantime Vaati es

Posted by Altaire on Aug 5, 2006:
An evil wind blew across the land of hyrule...
And the elders saw a dark shadow rising from the mountains...
It was Vaati, coming to take revenge on Link, breaking his seal once again!... such a cheap seal... it allways breaks.
and the elders decided to find a hero; for Link was on vacation.
Te ones that fought alongside the hero came to help: Zelda, Impa, Medli, Darunia,Saria, Ezlo, and some other important characters that were never actually in the same story.

Rauru: Were all here, gathered to find a hero while the courageous one is on an important duty, for the evil Vaati is regaining his power and plots to cover the land in darkness...

Ezlo: And by "important duty" you mean vacation fishing at Termina.

Rauru: Ah, ejem!... so let the heroes come from the towns and kingdoms, and let us see if they are worthy of the white sword we have just crafted. And let then the hero with the sword...

Ezlo: ...Beat the heck out of Vaati. Just let the kids come, will you?

So they set a camp outside Hyrule castle and waited for the candidates to show... Let the first one step forward and show why he's worthy of the title of new hero...
Posted by Link_Rules_All on Dec 21, 2007:
As the first canidate steped forward Zelda said "son is that you?" then the stranger said yes it is me L.J. son of Queen Zelda and King Link.(yes you red right King LInk. Link and Zelda get maryed and have a kid Link Jr. or L.J. for short.) so those who helped Link then realize that this is thier NEW hero. they give L.J. the sword and he goes and beats the heck out of Vatti and then he himself makes an invinceable and pearmanet seal.

P.S. i am a very bad speller please excuse any spelling and grammer errors please
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Jan 4, 2009:
Link: so you think that a white sword with a few magical powers can beat the shit out of Vatti?

Elzo: so are you done with that important mission?

Link: shut up

Rauru: do you have a better idea?

Link: actually I do for one, since y'all are sages send the one with the true power to the Sword of Evil's Bane...

Elzo: you're not suggesting the Twilight Blade?

Link: yes I am

Zelda: but only you can draw it that and Ganon

Link: you can

Rauru: and how do we get there? smart guy

Link: Zelda remember Midna she is the Twilight Princess? she can take L.J. to the Sword of Evil's Bane

Zelda: but, she destroyed the Twilight Mirror

Link: where did you seal Ganon?

Zelda: innnnn... the... Twilight Realm

Link: good where ever you put Ganon I can go too. just don't make Ruto the Chosen One okay

Zelda: and L.J. you can't go

L.J. why not I'm the son of the TriForce of Wisdom and the TriForce of Courage?!?!?!?!

Link: yeah you are just you need to hold a piece of the TriForce to to defeat that poor excuse of a villain Vatti or that overgrown pork chop Ganon.
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Mar 8, 2009:
L.J.: fine... I'm leaving

Navi: Link correct me if I am wrong but the Twilight blade is The sword of Twilight because, one you have The sword of Evil's Bane

Link: oh yeah sorry, anyway

Navi: two you need to forget about that and instead of The blade of Twilight you could draw The Four Sword again and be split into four

Link: actually more than fifteen

Navi: Shut Up, and last but not least think of the consensuses what if L.J. dies

Link: alright listen hear don't even bring my son into this conflict, besides don't let him find out Zelda and me are divorced after all we did not tell him

Zelda: I think it is time to tell him

Link: And one last thing, if you want us to break it to him, then tell him yourself...

L.J.: I knew it y'all were divorced the whole time!!!!! I heard the whole thing behind that wall!!!!

Link: or maybe not anymore
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Mar 14, 2009:
Ezlo: ha ha sucker

Link: shut up you stupid hat

Ezlo: hey!

Zelda: break it up, break it up!

Navi: I agree, we aren't gonna kick that poor excuse of a villain Vatti's butt if you're gonna end up kicking each others now are we?

Link: hey this hat couldn't kick my butt if he tried

Navi: true

Ezlo: hey who's side are you on

Navi: you know what I'm starting to hate you and to think I was sticking up for you, for the love of Nayru, god!

Zelda: Nayru is not a god she is a goddess

Navi: ugnnnn.... how do I put up with y'all?
Posted by starfgh/zelda on Mar 28, 2010:
(First of all Zelda and Link had a baby GIRL, named Isabella! Second off, LJ will die! And third, Link and Zelda are still married!!! ~Hippy-Gangsters~)
-Just pretend what I said above is true-
Isabella: Wait, who is Minda?
Link: It's Midna. She is an imp...or was an imp when this guy turned her into one. Then she ran into me and we saved Hyrule together.But....
Isabella: But what???
Link: Well, when she went back to the Twilight Realm she sort of...well...broke the only passage way into the Twili.
Isabella:There has to be another way, right??? We can't let Vaati take control of the world!
Zelda: There might be a way. Once, when I was little, Impa read me a story about the Three Goddesses, Nayru, Foreore, and Din. They are sealed in the Temple of Time. They might be able to teleport us to the Twilight Realm.
So then Link, Zelda, and Isabella set off to the Temple of Time. Zelda pulled out the Orcarina of Time and played the Song of Time. When the door opened to the master sword Zelda motioned with her hands for Link and Isabella to follow her. When they got to the alter, Zelda played the Song of the Goddesses.
Zelda: Dearest Goddesses, please grant me, my husband Link, and my daughter Isabella, the power to travel to the Twilight Realm.
Then Zelda bowed her head and hummed the Song of Time. There was silence for what seemed like forever. Then suddenly, a great light started to glow and with it came the sounds of the Goddesses voices.
Nayru: Your cry for help has been heard.....
Din:We have not only granted you the powers to travel to the Twilight Realm, but given you others as well......
Foreore:Zelda, you have been given the power to stop time for a short period of time. Link, you have been given the power to make you, and anyone or thing around you invisable. And you, Isabella, have been given the power to read minds.
Nayru: use these powers wisely.
Din: When it is time for you to return, we will create a portal for a quick period of time. But you must hurry because we cannot hold it there for very long.
Foreore: Good Luck.