Ongoing Story

Floating Fortress

The guards of the Forbidden Fortress move on without their leader and

Posted by TeamGastly on Nov 17, 2006:
Grezlo the Bokoblin was in charge of patrolling the southern wall of the Floating Fortress that night, a task he did not enjoy much. He paced ceaselessly back and forth in the cold light, keeping watch for danger that would never come. The island where the gang of thieves made their headquarters was off in the middle of nowhere, at the eastern-most end of the known world. The gang did their share of plundering and pillaging with the occasional kidnapping or murder.

Big Boss Brygio, a large and booming moblin, had wanted more guards on the look-out that night because a group of bokoblins had successfully kidnapped a young Rito girl. Much to his Brygio's displeasure, most of the guards had partaken in a wild party that day and were too drunk to be of any use. Grezlo was't invited to that party and because of it, he was on guard and as bored as can be.

He stopped pacing and looked out into the blackness of the night and cursed his situation. He wished he could be down in the prisoners' quarters, assisting with the mocking of the Rito. There was way too much cruelty and anger flowing through Grezlo's blood for him to be on look-out.

In his angst, Grezlo had failed to hear the soft sounds of footsteps sneaking behind him. Stopped in his tracks, Grezlo was an easy target for the mysterious shadow behind him that virtually came out of nowhere, slashed its blade, and watched the dead bokoblin hit the ground.