Ongoing Story

Twilight Beast

Link-the blue eyed beast

Posted by midna_200 on Dec 27, 2006:
Link's head throbbed, he couldn't remember anything except being knocked out when that dark knight had rode into the gates of Ordon village. He looked around, he was locked in a dirty jail cell, with nothing more then a pile of rubbish in one corner. He felt odd, and tried to think of where he was, and then a voice spoke out. "Hello, blue eyed wolf." Link looked down, at a pair of black paws.
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Jan 4, 2009:
~what!~the same voice spoke out again" having trouble? hee hee"Link barked ~what happened to my voice?!~ these thoughts wondered around his head, then he decided to look up to see a small figure wearing an odd helmet with weird designs on it the figure spoke again" be a nice doggy and maybe I'll help you but first we must get those chains off" it then for a static ball and shot a shard at the chain hooked on his left hand and then said" well how about this if you can escape maybe I'll help you find out where you are" Link then started looking around and saw there was a bed made of hay and wood, barged into it and it revealed a hole and he slipped into it, the figure then said"well maybe you're not as stupid as I thought" but before Link could even fight back it said' lets go moving you lazy mut "