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Chaos Awakens

Four years after the Wind Waker, Link's mind is plagued by evil.

Posted by Shadow of Link on Dec 14, 2004:
Chaos Awakens

Chapter One

A cool breeze skimmed the spray of the breaking tides, and rushed over the golden sand, through the wavy grass of the island. It circled upon the rocks and was carried along the beach by another brisk wind. Another tide broke upon the rocks, and as it crashed the breeze came by a boy sitting beneath the cliff, with his feet in the sand and his hands resting behind his head, and the cool air stirred his golden hair.

A flock of green birds fluttered out of the trees above and flew away beyond the rocky precipice, sending a shower of green leaves down upon the boy. He brushed them off himself gently and smiled, before leaning back further and laying flat out on the warm beach.

Overhead, the sun shone through a crystal clear blue sky down upon the blue-green lagoon by which the boy rested. It cast down an endless heat to the island, and the boy was grateful for it. It was such a beautiful place to be.

Some time later the boy named Link clambered to his feet slowly and dusted the sand from his hands and shook his pale white shirt clean, not that it mattered. His faded brown breeches were filled with sand as well, and he had to shake them out. After that ran his fingers through his hair; it was stiff from seawater and grit and heat, but he cared little for it, it was difficult to care about anything when you lead such an idyllic life. He scanned along the beach of Outset Island and shrugged his shoulders, nobody else was there. That was uncommon but not out of the ordinary, sometimes people just had things to do. Not him though, his life was quite carefree at the moment, which in turn lead to these extended periods of laying on the beach.

He headed back along the island towards his house, beside the line of the tide. The froth of a wave landed on his feet as he walked, and was washed off by another wave of clear water. The water had become surprisingly cold. He took a few more steps and stopped. Something was wrong. What had changed? He knew, the wind had stopped blowing in the grass and the trees, and silence had befallen the beach. Link frowned and looked around, but everything seemed normal otherwise. He shook his head dismissively and began towards the house again, only to stop in surprise once more, this time he was sure something was wrong though; the tide had stopped. The water in the sea beside him was still. He glanced back along the beach, and it was so all the way up the beach. Nothing moved. No sound of wind, no flight of bird, no breaking tides. What was happening?

He ran up wooden steps to his house and darted inside, looking for his grandma and his sister. His own voice in the back of his mind told him they would not be there. He looked into all of the rooms and checked every area of the house, calling out to them. They really weren’t there. What was going on? Something very, very wrong was happening. He rushed back outside, and had barely made it to the beach again before he saw what was happening in the sky. When he did he fell to his knees and shouted out in disbelief.

The pale blue sky had become deep shade of crimson and was glowing menacingly, and black clouds stretched across the scarlet beyond. This could not be happening. It was impossible. How could this be? Nothing could do this. Thunder rounded in the sky and lightning burst down, setting the trees into flames, and setting the huts of the island on fire. Link felt a great pain pull at him inside, and his legs gave way underneath him. He collapsed on the floor and screamed in agony. Overhead, in fiery letters one hundred feet high, one word burned into his eyes, searing into the back of his skull in blood. The ground rent itself open and lava erupted form the deep, as Link was consumed, and he plummeted into the depths earth and time. But all he could see as he fell to his doom was that single word that reigned in the sky. CHAOS

“NO!” Link bolted upright from where he had been lying, panting and sweating. The cool air of the morning filled his lungs and he opened his eyes slowly. A blurry figure was standing in front of him in front of a bright doorway.

“Are you alright Link?”

“What? No. I have to go back. Have to go back.” He wiped his eyes and tried to see better. His vision slowly returned, and the dark blur in front of him talk the form of a young woman.

“You look feverish.” She hurried to his side and pressed her soft palm to his forehead.

“Outset is burning…I have to go back…”

“Link, you’re on fire. You need help now.” She turned and shouted somewhere behind her. “Niko! Link’s sick, get down into the town and find the doctor. Senza! Get me a bowl of cold water.”

“No…NO!” Link stared at the girl wide eyed, and clutched her arm. “I have to go back! They’re dying!” He was babbling, he was not himself. His entire face was turning blood red and soaked from sweat, and his pupils were unusually large in his eyes. “Tetra! They’re all going to die!”

“Link you were having a bad dream, its alright now. Don’t get worked up, you must calm down.” Tetra took hold of Link’s tight hand and gently removed it from her sleeve, then took hold of his hand in both hands. “Close your eyes, try to go back to sleep.”

“No, Outset is in flames! I saw it! I felt it! I should never have left, they need me!”

Tetra sat on the side of the bed next to Link and eased him down until he was lying on his back. He had never acted this way before in all these years of travelling. Never once had he been concerned that his home was in any danger. He had talked to her about how he remembered his home and hoped his grandma was all right, but how long had it been since they left? Time had escaped them it seemed. They had made out that they must be about sixteen years old now, and that would mean they had been travelling for a good four years. Could it really have been that long? She looked down at her friend and stroked his forehead. He whimpered quietly to himself, “Have to go back.” Maybe he was homesick, but she wouldn’t know what that felt like. The ship was her home after all and she had never been away from it for a long time.

Link appeared to have settled again, his eyes had closed and his body was no longer tense, maybe he had gone back to sleep. She herself had been awake for a while already. She was woken at daybreak by Zuko when he came off the night watch. He disturbed her as he stumbled in the corridor outside her room as her made his way down into his quarters sleepily, and she hadn’t been able to drift off again. Not that she had minded, it was a beautiful morning.

She stepped out of Link’s room onto the deck of the ship and scanned the horizon. The ship was moored in the docks of a very large market town called Fort Gatehead. So called because it was built upon what remained of a fort from an age gone by. It was the second in a succession of forts that apparently led into a land where there was once a great kingdom. There was a very large amount of this ancient mountain from the pre-flooding that had not been submerged by the sea. She supposed the land had been higher here than it was in Hyrule. This mountain island still stretched fairly high into the sky, and there were many hectares of land sweeping down from its sides gradually decreasing into the sea, sometimes at sheer cliffs.

Beyond the sea wall of the dock there were many buildings, built primarily from a tan coloured stone and grey slate, which matched the shades of the mountain. These smaller buildings gave way to large houses and mansions that would be the property of landowners and rich traders. These were spaced fairly far apart and interspersed with smaller buildings and some wooded areas that Tetra presumed were recreational areas and parks. Then further up, where the slope of the land increased was a very large building made from grey-red stone and black slate that couldn’t have originated from anywhere she could see on the mountain. It stood proudly over everything else, and was protected by a high wall and two large towers which more than likely contained archers.

That was the keep of the island where the military was based. She had already seen a number of soldiers patrolling the dockyards, and she presumed they were a solid presence in the rest of the town, though she hadn’t had the opportunity to see further inside yet. They had moored last night and gone straight to sleep once they had paid mooring charge.

Beyond the keep, with its high towers, the town gave way to grass lands and farms, with sheep and cows grazing in fields besides other fields filled with corn and wheat and fields of vegetables. It was high summer and life was in its full at the moment, and this town, this whole island, was a wonderful picture in Tetra’s eyes.

In fact this wasn’t the only town on the island. There were at least two others they had sighted on the way to the dock, and that had been in the dark. She could even see one from where she was standing, further to the west of the sloping land. The natural recourses here must have been excellent for such a great amount of colonisation. But when she thought about it it made sense. After all, Windfall Island back near Link’s home was a very small market that had to get by on a small amount of land. She hardly understood how community survived in those conditions. But here was a different story. She could see that at least twenty thousand people must live on the island in total, and it could easily be more if there were towns she had not seen yet. She laughed, this was going to be fun. Then she smirked as she thought, and even more fun to steal from. Her pirate roots were strong in her even if Link disapproved, but he just turned a blind eye when the crew returned from their trading with more produce than they could have possibly obtained fairly. But then again…

Tetra’s primary concern was not in petty theft though. The goal of the pirates was to find treasures, and this place would be so exception. There must be many caves lost to the memory of people filled with gold from the kingdom this place was once. Especially beneath the water, and they had their ways of obtaining such things as that.

Yes…as soon as Link came around, they could begin enjoying themselves. She laughed to herself again and then looked into Link’s cabin. “Poor thing, he’s really been working hard these past weeks. I wish there was a way he could see that his home was alright…” Link suddenly shuddered in his bed, and Tetra shook her head and walked back to his side. “Link?”

He opened his eyes and looked at her faintly, he was tensed again. “Tetra…I dreamt again-”

“Oh Link, don’t worry about it.”

“Tetra. I saw him.” His voice sounded strained and tired. Like had worn himself out from shouting. “He was there in my dream as I stood screaming in the flames of Outset.”

“Who? Who did you see?”

“Shadow and flame, living, breathing. I saw him with my waking eyes! And he saw me!!”

Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Jan 31, 2009:
' it's starting to make me think that it will happen in the futur"-- then suddenly they heard a loud canon fire"we're under attack" screamed Tetra, then link hopped out of the bed, grabbed the hero's sword and shield and ran straight outside, suddenly before you'd expect it Tetra started screaming orders out over the loud racket" Niko!, on the lower deck with the canons, Senzo!, drop the anchors!, Zuko!, take over my place!" "Link, can you siege them with your sword to distract them from firing and we'll handle the rest" "I guess I could" said Link, immediately doing as told, then he a rope and swung over to the other ship' ha! the ship We're attacking has a kids on it!" said one of the pirates, then she went and thrusted her sword at Link in a stabbing motion, then in a split second Link dodged it and did a spin attack with a "Hyyyyyaaahh!!" in it, then a second pirate swung his sword improperly giving Link the disadvantage Link, then dodged it all and went with the sixth secret skill the Mortal Draw killing the pirate and like 2 minutes later 90% of the pirates were already dead then Link went to the captain's room to find a living skeleton holding a simatar and a Metal shield Link, let him make the first move which was a sword slash then Link slid back a little out of range then butted him with his shield and did a spin up and down in the air sticking in the skeleton's skull then of course he exploded, link then tripped by a canon fire on the ship ,ran on the deck grabbed the closet rope barely then swung back to Tetra's ship " you did it Link!" shrieked Tetra, then swung her arms around Link "hey, um do you mind?" said Link "oh sorry" said Tetra quickly.