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Posted by zeldaslove on Jan 2, 2007:
"I HATE working at this crummy hotel, nobody EVER comes here." Link says sitting around waiting for customers.

Just then a letter flies in and lands at his table." To Link, Come on down to my bar,we need to talk, Signed Telma" Link reads. "Hey boss I'm on break! "Link said leaving.

When he gets there Telma is waiting for him." Hey honey,come here" Telma says winking at him. " Link walks over and sits next to her. "So,long time no see." Telma says moving closer to him.

" Uhhhh..y-yeah." Link says backing away from her a bit.

"I missed your devastating looks honey" she says getting even closer.

" Um..what are you.." just then as he says that Telma begins to kiss him. Link tries to break free but then Ilia walks in and see's them.

"UH! You bastard! I came to see you and this is what you do? " Ilia yells. Link finally pushes Telma away and gets up and chases after Ilia.
Posted by star_breaker on Jun 14, 2007:
"Ilia!" Link pleads, stumbling through the slush-covered streets. "Ilia!" He calls, managing to grasp her by the elbow as she pushes her way through the thick crowds.
"Go away!" She snarls, snatching her elbow out of his grasp.
"B-But Ilia-"
"Go AWAY!" Ilia roars, turning only to shove Link as hard in the chest as she could.
"Ugn" Link grunts, stumbling in the shallow, patchy snow and falling on his ass. There's a bit of a scuffle, where the crowds push further foward for a look, and the last Link sees of his long-time friend is her running through the streets, with tears staiing her cheeks, already pink with the cold.
"Link?" Came a voice, and Link looked up wiuth a groan. Today just couldn't get any worse.
Posted by Sage_of_Light on Aug 16, 2007:
Link turned around expecting to see Telma, the woman who caused Ilia to be mad at him. Again. Instead, he turned to see a huge horse drawn carraige. He saw Zelda, in a beautiful blue satin gown peering off the edge of the open window.
"Are you all right? What happened?" She asked kindly. Link walked up to the side of the carraige.
"Ilia seems to be angry at me." Link wanted to elaborate on the events that had occured earlier, but he feared if he spoke any more he would begin to cry.
"Why don't you hop in the carraige and come back to the castle for some tea? You can tell me all about it there out of the cold. Bad weather isnt it?" Zelda said gingerly as Link nodded and stepped into the carraige. They rode silently back to the castle. Link could see Zelda smiling at him out of the corner of his eye, but he pretended not to notice and watched the busy walking people fly past his window. Before he knew it they were back at the castle. They were accomponied into the caslte bye 7 or 8 guards. Once they were inside the castle, Link took off his heavy coat and handed it the the servant waiting at the door. Zelda led him into a low-lit room with a big overstuffed couch and a blazing fire. They sat on the couch and Zelda motioned to the servant to go and fetch some tea.
"So tell me, you looked awfully distressed out there one the street. You mentioned something about that girl from your hometown, Ilia wasn't it?
"Yes. I was in Telmas bar and all of a sudden Telma started to..well..." Link was rather embarressed to tell her.
"Oh go on tell me," Zelda insisted.
"Well," Link started, "Telma started kissing me. I don't know why but she did. I tried to get away from her but i couldn't. At that very moment Ilia walked in."
'Oh I see." Zelda said. "Well, don't worry about her. A handsome, couragous man like yourself shouldn't be worried over a petty peasant girl."
"But I-"
"Please. Let's talk about something else. Zelda picked up her cup of tea and stared at Link over the rim of her cup.
"Zelda please listen. I reall care ab-"
"You really have grown more handsome each time i see you. And you never come and visit me."
"Sorry I have been very..." Link's voice trailed off as Zelda leaned towards him and gentley kissed him. Link immediatly back away but Zelda would not let him. She trailed her petite hands across his cheek and kissed him again, only this time longer. Link wanted to tell her to stop, to leave, but he found himself not wanting to let go. The snow outside turned to rain and thunder rumbled in the distance.
Posted by zen_blade on Aug 20, 2007:
The falling snow quickly turned into sleet at the royal carriage rode around the town square. The carriage driver drove the long white mane royal horses lethargically around and around, since the princess was too “busy” to give new directions. Several minutes passed behind the steam covered windows. Every thing was quiet outside in the sleet, until suddenly everything seemed to happen at once.
The carriage door seemed to explode outward and out flew a half-dressed Link, landing once again in a pile of soggy snow.

“How dare try something like THAT to Princess like me” screamed a tousled haired Princess Zelda.

Bewildered, he scrambled to get to his feet. “But I thought…” Link started

“I have more dignity and respect than to do THAT in my carriage.” Zelda yelled. Her lipstick was obscenely smeared all over her face, and most of it was on Links face too!
“But I thought we were connecting, Zel!” he pleaded.

“Not like that we don’t…” she retorted, and as she drove away, closing the carriage door, “although, if you are in the neighborhood, please feel free to drop by,” she said with a wink and a smile,” as if nothing had happened and droved off.

“These women!” Link yelled, “their driving me nuts!”

Solemnly in his pathetic thoughts, Link walked away from Castle town and called upon Epona. Epona, always ready to cheer Link up, came galloping in on the bridge that led to Hyrule field. Slowly, he hopped on. After a while of riding around, he still couldn’t get those women and his mixed-up feelings for all of them out of his head.

“If riding Epona through these fields doesn’t cheer me up, nothing will,” Link said sadly.

“What a looser,” Epona said to herself.

After a while, they seemed to be in front of the fishing hole in the upper Zora river, (which is strange, because there is literally no road that takes Epona there!)

“How the hell did I end up here!?” Link thought. “Well, hey, might as well go fishing. That should help me sort out my girl trouble.

He walked in to the Fishing hut and greeted Hena, the girl that ran the fishing hole.

“Hi Link!” said Hena with a cheery smile. Her long eyelashes seemed to bat under that old fishing hat and her lips seemed to be pouting just a little more that usual.

“What?! Am I seeing things!” Link thought. “And does was that first button on her fishing blouse always undone like that?”

“So fishing today, or not?” said Hena, handing him a bucket of worms. “Hello?” she said, waving a hand in front of his face.

“Oh! Sorry, yeah, I just came out here to fish and get away for a while. Just having girl problems.” Said Link, dropping a hand full of Rupees and grabbing the bucket of worms. “I’ll see you in a bit”

Bitting her lower lip, she looked as if she were make up her mind, then said to him as he was heading out, “Hey Link! Um…I’ll come with you!”

Link turned around, startled as she slowly walked toward him.

“I thought you could use a little company,” said Hena.

Posted by Sage_of_Light on Aug 21, 2007:
"Umm..okay." Link replied. They both, side by side, walked out of the hut and across the damp grass.

They silently climbed into the boat and paddled slowly out to the water. Neither of them said a word as they moved close to the best fishing spot-the waterfall.

When they reached it, Link turned around and began to get out all of the gear.

"Link, wait." Hena said as she placed her hands upon Link's, stopping him from getting out the fishing gear. He slowly looked up and his eyes met hers.

"I have a confession to make, Link." Hena said. She slid closer to Link as she continued. "Ever since you first came in here, i thought you were a very nice gentleman, and that was all. But as you continued to keep coming all the way up here to fish I began to...well..." Hena's voice trailed off.

"What? You can tell me." Link reassured.

"Well I've grown to-"

"Wait Hena." Link interupted. He had to stop her from spilling her feelings. He had caused enough emotional grief. Falling in love with another girl would only complicate the matter. "Hena I-"

Before Link could continue, Hena leaped on him and pinned him to the boat. She kissed him, softly at first, and then she began to get more comfortable with him. He carressed her in his arms and ran his fingers through her soft hair.

Her kisses her much different than Zeldas. Her kiss was more meaningful. He knew she really loved him and was not just after another man. Hena everntually moved from on Link to beside him. They continued to kiss, laying side by side in the little fishing boat. Link began to get a cramp, and while re-positioning himself, he tipped the boat and they both went toppling into the water.

Link was plunged under the water and when he opened his eyes, Hena was leaning in to him. He kisses her gently underneath the water. They both came up for air, and immediatly Hena began to laugh. Link couldn't help but stare at her beautiful smile, and her cute dimples.

They clambored back into the boat. And Hena, rather than begin kissing Link again like he expected, she put back on her fishing hat, squeezed out her vest, and began paddling back to the hut.


Link awoke suddenly. He got a sick feeling in his stomache for about a half a second. Where was he? This wasn't his bed. And then he suddenly remembered. He turned over and saw Hena, laying next to him, her beautiful long hair draped across her bare back. Link smiled to himself. He then leaned over towards her and kissed her on the cheek. She stirred, but did not wake. Link was very glad she did not.

He silently got up, put back on his slightly damp clothes, and headed out the door. He climbed up on Epona and rode out of the fishing hole.

As he rode away, he wondered if he would ever feel the same way kissing anyone as he did kissing Hena.
Posted by ash616995 on Dec 29, 2007:
as he was coming into Oradon villiage, he thought "hmmm... maybe i will go to Ilias house to sort things out." so he rode to her house. as but something unusal happend, everyone seemed to be mad at him for some reason. he got a wierd feeling and he thought "oh GREAT! now everybody knows. oh! ill go to rustles right quck! maybe ill get some advice on how to fix this>" so he rode to rustles. he knocked on the door and he anserd the door. "Link! come on in, i need to talk to you>" he saidas link went in, he saw the wife and their baby sleeping "Link, boy your are in some hot water!" said rustle in a whisper voice " everybody is hating you now." "i know " said link in a whisper voice to. " well you better fix things quick!" said rustle " i know , Iknow thats why i came back to the village to sort things out with her" said link and after a while link and rustle both went to llias house for they knew the father was pissed and so was llia. and they both knew she was a hard head when it came to apologizeing.
Posted by Robin Rocks 1995 on Jan 26, 2008:
"well here goes nothing". link said and knocked on llia's door. llia opened the door and saw Link. "llia before you shut that door on me I want to say that I'm sorry for everything I've done. I wished that I didn't hurt you". she looked at him and pulled him inside and took him upstairs to her bedroom.

She shut the door and started to kiss him he was surpried at her action and after she kissed him he was in shock. "It's alright telma told me". she said. "I'm sorry too I should've listen to you before the word was spread".

She kissed him 2 times. But it made Link think of hena. He pushed llia away gasping for breath. She was surprised at his action. "what is the matter baby". she said then kissed his neck. Link thought of what Hena would say. "Please stop"!!!! Link shouted. then she threw him out of her house. I take back those kisses she said and shut the door.
Posted by zen_blade on Jun 2, 2008:
The sky was dark now, and it looked like rain as Link headed down the street. Dragging his feet, he slowly reached for his whistle that would call Epona to him. He blew serveral times, but nothing happened. "Great, " said Link, "now my own horse won't even come to me."

"Whyyyyyyyyy???!!!!", Link yelled, as he crashed to his knees onto the wet, soggy mud. He sniffed a couple of times, then took a deep breath and decided that girls or no girls, he would keep his dignity and respect.

"Now where did I put my Hookshot?" he asked himself. As he pondered, his jaw suddenly dropped in disbelief; he had let King Zora borrow it.....King Zora , the father of ......Ruto.

"But I really need that Hookshot...I need it to get inside the Forest Temple. I still don't know why I haven't built a ladder or something to get in. Damn my laziness!" He smacked his head a couple of times, then, regretfully, set out to Zora's Domain, hoping he wouldn't run into Ruto.


Crisp, clean waters welcomed Link at ariving at Zora's Domain. He bought a couple of bombs and arrows at the shop to stock up before meeting the King, and just as a way to sneek around the Domain without getting caught by Ruto.

Ruto, if you didn't already know, was betrowthed to Link without him knowing. He has tried too hard to postpone the marrige as long as possible. He couldn't bare imagine what their wedding night would bestow!
Shivers ran down his spine as he thought of it!

He climbed up the steps cautiously, hoping only to find King Zora at his throne......and he was. The big fat King was using Link's Hookshot as a....Back scratcher???

"What the Hell are you doing with my Back mean Hookshot?" Yelled Link

"Oh, Link! Er...Um...I suppose I'll give this back to you." said King Zora , staring down at the scale and grime-encrusted Hookshot, trying to wipe it clean.

"I thought you were using it as a weapon, not part of your discusting hygene routine!" Link sputtered back!

King Zora looked down, ashamed and then tossed the discusting weapon/backscratcher at Link, who caught it with quite a disgusted look.

"If you have any other Pointy weapons, I'd like to borrow them sometime," King Zora said nervously.

Link's ears were hot red with rage, and tried really hard not to scratch King Zora's back with his own sword!

As soon as Link turned around to storm off, he bumped into the delicate frame of the most beautiful, and jaw-dropping gorgeous Zora princess the Zora Kingdom had ever bestowed: Princess Ruto!
Posted by Sage_of_Light on Jun 2, 2008:
"LINK!!!!!!!!" Ruto screamed as she threw her arms around him. "I have been trying to get ahold of you for ages! I'm glad you've made it. I was afraid you were going to be late for your own wedding!"

"WHHHAAAT????" Link retorted as he backed away from the Zora princess.

"Yes of course! Our wedding is tomorrow! I sent a letter to your house and im glad to see you've recieved it. Now hurry up to your room-the guest one right through the hall- and get some rest. Its going to be a big day tomorrow!" And with a big, sloppy kiss, Ruto turned and walked back down the stairs, winking at him as she disappeared out of sight. Link was shocked and now in even HOTTER water. So, he ran through the cave and jumped off of the edge of the waterfall, descending to the water below with a gracegful dive. He hit the water, then swam through the secret passageway linked to Lake Hylia.


As he emerged from the water, soaking wet, he squeezed the water out of his hair and glanced up. And who was standing there, but the beautiful girl from the fishing hole, Hena.
Posted by Rachelive on Jul 16, 2008:
where the hell have you been?! she asked.
'uh oh' thought link. " I close my eyes for a second and you're gone! wait...... i know" she paused. " when you said 'girl problems' you meant nobody would sleep with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "no Hena" said link. " it's not like tha_" but before he could finish his sentane hena inturuppted him. " and I was actually stupid enough to! ughh! i can't believe this! what do i look like to you link some whore!? " I swear Hena it's not like that ! just let me explain!" just then the wost thing possible happened." Link baby, where are you?' he could hear Ruto shouting from a distance. "not like that." said hena. "yeah link. sure , i believe you . you know what i'm just going to leave..................and have fun with you're new 'bed buddie'.she started walking. suddenly she turned around."and by the way, if you EVER show up at my shop again just remember, i keep a harpoon under the counter. if you catch my drift." her harsh words almost knocked link over. for a second he actully wanted to follow Hena home. a good harpoon stabbing sounded nice now. he swam up to shore. face on the ground he closed his eyes.with hopelessly trying to stop tears from coming.
Posted by Rachelive on Jul 16, 2008:
"there you are link." link groaned. it was Ruto. "i've been saerching for you for HOURS." she smiled and helped him off the ground. have you been crying? she asked puzzled. "no" he said. "ummm, the water got in my eyes" he said wiping his face" yeah, so thats why. he pionted at his face. "awwww, poor baby." she said she gave him a gentle kiss. he grimanced. nothing like hena's kisses. "well i have good news" she turns out there's a change of plans, the weddings going to be tonight!" " TONIGHT ! ! ! ! ! ! !" Link shouted." I knew you'd be happy," Ruto smiled " and don't worry i managed to invite all you're friends. they said they would wait for the reception. but as long as they come. it's fine. she looked at him with (almost) the worlds most beautiful smile." now come on you better get washed up the we need to be at the church by 8:00" Link groaned agian. i know short notice but i'm sure we can manage. than she left. link went up to the geust room and sure enough on the bed was a white tux. he sighed.
Posted by Rachelive on Jul 16, 2008:
link was walking to the church in hyrule ( epona still would'nt come) when he heard something behind him. he drew out his sword. and just as he thought, it was something far worse than a monster behind him. it was llia, hena and zelda. "so i heard you were getting married. siad llia sourly. " figures" said zelda. " it really isn't as bad as it looks, you guys. you see funny story um, it turns out that ruto set us up to get married and you know princesses_" link said. " what about princesses link?" asked zelda. "nothing i love er, princesses but_ once agian he was inturupted "of coarse you do " said hena "Zelda here told us all about what you tried to do with her." you know what "said llia "i think link needs to be punished" she drew out her own sword. "w-where did you get that? he asked. " it's not very smart to leave you're wepons laying out now is it link?" she said. "wait now ladies i'm sure we can work this out" said link backing away. but we already are link" said hena. " we already are" she drew out a sword as well. "lets get him" she whispered they all soon began chanting. "link. link . link . " getting closer with each word. Link screamed.
suddenly he heard a familiar non-woman voice. " link, link. LINK ! get up! " wait what happened?" asked link. "you fell asleep on the job, you've been asleep for three hours." Link sighed. "good." " i don't know what you mean by good that three hours is coming out of you're pay check" his boss said he handed him a mop " now get back to work" he ordered. Link smiled for once he was happy to do chores.
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Jan 4, 2009:
Boss:oh yeah I received this Letter from a woman named Telma she wants to see you this afternoon at her bar.

Link:*gulp* this is not good

Don don DON

Posted by liquidlink on Mar 30, 2009:
As Link was gathering his courage to enter Telma's bar link heard some one approaching from behind. As link turned around and to his shock it was Malon. "Hi fairly boy what are you doing here?" asked Malon. "Oh Telma asked me to meet her here for something" retorted Link. Oh I see said Malon But your not going in there. "why not?" Link said with a confused look. Because your going with me to the ranch silly boy. Before Link could say something Malon grabbed him by the arm and literally dragged Link to the ranch. Can this day get any wierder thought Link as he let himself be dragged from what he thought was going to turn into another nightmare.
Posted by kamau19 on Jun 9, 2009:
Link was through with his nightmare. He pulled free from Malon and shoved her onto the ground. He began running. He blew on his horse call... but Epona would still not come. He continued to run for about 15 minutes, then he decided to take a look behind him. He saw a slight shadow, then turned around to discover that he was falling off the bridge of Eldin.

There was a swoop of blue and black, then he blacked out.

He woke up in his house, lying on his bed. As he regained conciousness, he realized Midna was lying next to him, kissing him. He quickly jumped up. “Yaaaah! What’s going on?!” Midna replied, “ Don’t worry Link, I know they are mad, but you still have me…” “No!” Link yelled. He backed up, falling into his basement. He quickly pulled out a lantern. He turned around and Ilia was there, with a knife. “If I can’t have you, NOBODY WILL!” She began to raise her arm, when Link grabbed it and flipped her. She came down with a thud. Link snatched up the knife. “Ilia, you’ve got to stop!” Midna came down the ladder and grabbed Link. He darted up the ladder and opened his front door. Hena was there. “I forgive you Link…” He made a sprint for the window. He went crashing through, and landed on Zelda. Link ran as fast as he could.

The four girls were blocking the way. Telma, Ruto, and Malon joined them. Their eyes grew red. They all said in a single-tone voice “You must choose now Link. Choose one of us, and kill the rest.”