Oracle Series

Quick Info
U.S. Release

- Game Boy Color
- May 14, 2001
Oracle Series:
- Oracle of Seasons
- Oracle of Ages
Japanese Release

Game Boy Color
- February 27, 2001
Fushigi no kinomi:
(Mysterious Nuts):
- Daichi no shou
(Chapter of Earth)
- Jikuu no shou
(Chapter of Space-Time)

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were both released on May 14, 2001. There are many firsts associated with the games: the first (and last) Zelda games made exclusively for Game Boy Color, the first time two Zelda games were released on a single day, the first time a Zelda game was developed outside of Nintendo (by Capcom), and the first time two Zelda games (or indeed any two games) interact so closely.

The two games are similar, sharing the same beginning and similar characters. But they take place in different worlds and have different stories. The games interact via the Link System to form one overarching story. The Link System uses passwords and the Game Boy link to allow the two games to share rings, power up items, and more. The Link System allows you to play either game first, and yet get the same general overall story.

Both games begin the same way: One day, as Link is riding his horse, he feels a strange force drawing him to Hyrule Castle. Within the castle he finds the Triforce resting, glittering brilliantly as it awaits him. Suddenly, Link is enveloped in a shaft of light, and Hyrule fades away into darkness. Link hears the Triforce say, "Accept our quest, hero!" and as Link accepts, he is taken to another world. The Triforce symbol appears on his left hand to signify that he is a hero that will save the world.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Link wakes up in in the land of Holodrum. He meets a dancer named Din, but she is suddenly kidnapped by Onox, General of Darkness. Din is actually the Oracle of Seasons in disguise, and when she is carried off, the Temple of Seasons sinks into the underground world of Subrosia. The seasons of Holodrum immediately fall into chaos, and the land is deprived of the gifts of nature as spring, summer, fall, and winter all happen unpredictably. Onox plans to gather power from the withering land to create a world of total darkness. Link's quest is to gather the power of the Season Spirits into the Rod of Seasons, gather eight Essences of Nature, and save Din from the hands of Onox.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Link awakes in the land of Labrynna. He helps Impa find a beautiful singer named Nayru. Suddenly, Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, departs from Impa's body and reveals herself. She inhabits Nayru, who is really the Oracle of Ages in disguise, and begins to control her actions. Using Nayru's power, Veran travels into the past, causing havoc in the present. Veran plans to gather power from Labrynna's sorrows to begin her age of shadows. With the help of Nayru's hasty friend Ralph, Link must use the Harp of Ages to travel back and forth between ages, gather eight Essences of Time, and rescue Nayru from Veran's control.

Both games tell one complete story: Onox and Veran were only agents of Twinrova, brought up from the Dark Realm. Twinrova's goal is to light the Flames of Sorrow, Destruction, and Despair, in order to revive the Evil King Ganon. Link must try to stop them before they can succeed.