Other Material

This section covers Zelda material that was produced outside of Nintendo's normal production methods. This includes such things as guides, cartoons, comics, the CD-i Zelda games, and a few other "games" not distributed widely. In general, most Zelda fans don't consider this material to be on the same level as the real Zelda games produced by Nintendo Co. Ltd. I myself group the true Zelda games into the category of "canon," i.e. the material that most Zelda fans accept as giving us a factual account of the Zelda storyline. For many people, the material dealt with in this section falls under the category of "apocrypha" - material that relates to Zelda, and which may be informative and/or entertaining, but which shouldn't be looked at on the same level as canon sources. The apocrypha may be thought of as material which, technically, received Nintendo's legal blessing, but which was not actually produced under their rigourous game-making standards, or which was not intended to be an integral or informative part of the Zelda series.

I would like to thank everybody who helped contribute material for this section. Without the hard work of these Zelda fans, the information presented here would have been much harder to collect.