The following are a list of rules and guidelines that all members must adhere to.

1. No spamming. This means do not, under any circumstances, post a comment that is either completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, or a comment that is simply one word or symbol (example: =) or "Hi") This also includes posting comments with excessive capitalization, smilies and/or exclamation marks.

2. No double posting. Do not post a comment, and then post a new one right after that. This rule extends to triple posting, and beyond, so in short: one comment at a time.

3. No swearing. People of all ages will be viewing and/or posting here at Zelda Legends, and we do not want swearing burned into the minds of children or impressionable people. The occasional swear is alright, but you cannot do things like saying the f-word or posting a stream of curses (whether they're imbedded into a comment or not). Excessive swearing from any member will result in a permanent ban without warning.

4. No flaming. This goes hand-in-hand with the no swearing rule, but it's slightly different. To flame someone means you're insulting them. Just as ZL won't tolerate obscene cursing, we also will not tolerate insults and putting people down.

5. No advertising. You cannot advertise a website, messageboard, etc. within a post. This is also referred to as "plugging".

6. You must have a valid email account for registration. If you do not have a valid email, then you will be banned on sight. This is to prevent future breaking of the rules by certain members.

7. No pornography. This means no linking to porn sites, posting porn images, writing an obscene comment.

8. Act intelligent. Use correct grammar skills, or at least attempt to. This means write a comment such as "Well, my theory is that..." as opposed to "w3ll u are t3h wrong. i hate u!!11"

9. No spoilers. You cannot comment on any game spoilers, unless you either warn the reader OR the topic at hand covers spoilers (an example of that would be a discussion of TWW's ending).

10. Have fun! This is a website about the Zelda series, which has always been a great source of entertainment and fun. Don't ruin it by breaking one of the rules.

Any staff member of ZL reserves the right to punish any member who has broken a rule (unless overruled by Khuffie or davogones). Punishments include, but are not limited to, your comments being deleted and your account being suspended/banned.

Please keep these rules in mind for the future.