Staff Needed!

We are in desperate need of some new staff members! If you are interested in any of the following positions, please contact . Note that any position can be filled by multiple people, and any staff member can also contribute to any portion of the site.

Position Reponsibilities Helping
Social Media Maven Posting on our Facebook and Twitter pages Shekey the Green
Forum Moderator Help moderate the forums -
Fan Fiction Moderator Moderating the Fan Fiction section LinkNavi
Fan Art Moderator Moderating the Fan Art section -
Gallery Moderator Moderating comments in the Gallery; finding new multimedia to post -
News Poster Keeping up to date with Zelda/gaming news and posting it on ZL Shekey the Green
Mailbag Moderator Checking the Mailbag and ensuring questions are answered -
Interview Poster Finding interviews and posting them -
Ongoing Story Moderator Moderating the Ongoing Stories section -
Visual Guide Contributor Contributing content for Visual Guides -
Taxonomist Maintaining the Bestiary LinkNavi
Timeline Guru Keeping timeline resources up-to-date davogones
Encyclopedian Help with Wiki collaboration -
Translator Japanese translation & comparison -
Emulation Correspondant Maintaining the emulation section -
Developer Programming/maintenance tasks. PHP, MySQL, HTML experience desired davogones
Graphic Designer Web site layout and design -