This section is devoted to detailed outlines of the story of each game, and to presenting important continuity theories that tie all the games together. The Game Storylines try to tell the full storyline of each game in as much detail as possible. In general, these storylines are limited to the story within each game; they don't try to tell how the games connect.

The continuity theories try to demonstrate how all of these storylines connect together into one self-consistent Hyrulian history. I give no "justification" or "proof" of the continuity theories presented here. I simply present them in what I believe is their best and most representative form. If you are interested in the reasoning behind some of these theories, please visit the Articles section.


Game Storylines

The Game Storylines tell the story of each game in great detail. Come here to learn the full storyline of each game, and get in some good reading to boot!

Continuity Theories

If you're going crazy trying to figure out how all the games connect together, you're not alone. Come here to study the most popular continuity theories going around, all explained with storyline summaries and time lines.

Storyline FAQ

This FAQ answers many of the common questions people have about the story of the Zelda games.


Read Davogones' Articles for theories and philosophies about the Zelda storyline, and about how to approach understanding it.