Textual Resources

Here I have collected resources which will allow more scholarly and curious fans to access the text from the Zelda canon. I have FAQs which give all the text in the games, and text dumps which give ALL the quotes. I have tables comparing Japanese and English translations. I have transcripts of interviews with the Zelda creators, and information about who created the games. I even have text from magazines and from comics. In short, I have all the Text Resources that a studious Zelda fan could ever desire.

  • Game Text

    • Quote FAQs
      The Zelda Quote FAQs give all the important quotes in the games, arranged in gameplay order. I have made FAQs for ALttP, OoT, and TWW, and I also have Oracle FAQs available.
      Last Updated: Dec 12 2006

    • Text Dumps
      This in an informational blurb about the text dumps I have available in the Emulation section. The text dumps give ALL the text in the Zelda games, and so are highly useful. I've even made translation comparison tables using text dumps.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

    • Instruction Booklets
      I have a fine collection of typed and scanned instruction booklets here.
      Last Updated: Jan 26 2005

    • Game Endings
      This describes the ending for each Zelda game. Eventually I'll have screen shots too.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

  • Game Translation Comparisons

  • Game Text Revisions

    • OoT Textual Changes
      There have been several versions of Ocarina of Time, four to be exact. While some of the differences between these versions have been well-documented, I don't think it's common knowledge that some of the text was changed as well. This feature describes all of the important changes that have been made to the OoT text over time.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

    • MM Textual Changes
      This feature gives all the textual changes between the English translations of Majora's Mask in the American and PAL versions of the game.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

    • ALttP SNES/GBA Changes
      Here I analyze all the textual changes between the Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance versions of A Link to the Past.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

  • Creator Insight

    • Interviews
      This is a collection of interviews, usually with with Nintendo employees, which give interesting information about how Nintendo and the gaming industry operates and how they make games.
      Last Updated: Sep 14 2008

    • Credits FAQ
      An ongoing feature in which I examine and comment upon the authorship of all known Zelda sources, including canon and apocryphal material.
      Last Updated: Jan 20 2005

    • Zelda Coverage Index
      The Zelda Coverage Index is a list, compiled by Mak, that gives information about Zelda coverage in various publications such as magazines and guides.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

    • Nintendo Material
      Here I give various transcripts of Nintendo material that pertain to Zelda. These includes transcripts and quotes from Nintendo web sites, magazines, press releases, and employees.
      Last Updated: Jan 20 2005