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Birthday Sep 21, 1992
Location Alabama
Interests Reading, drawing, painting, video gaming, and school work. Mainly I read Yu Yu Hakusho or Inu Yasha manga when I'm not busy on my fanfics or home work. Then whenever I find the time (which is about once in a blue moon), I curl up in a corner and sleep. Obviously I'm a big Zelda fan, or else I wouldn't be on this site. But my favorite music artists are (in order) Marilyn Manson, The Used, Disturbed, Chevelle, Evanescence, Green Day, Cradle of Filth and My Chemical Romance, among many others.
Biography Well, I was born in Atlanta, but I live in Alabama. I go to a boarding school that really sucks (mostly because of the uniforms.) My dad's a millrite, my mom has a bookshop, and one of my three brothers is in the navy. My two sisters are in Georgia. I have four friends, Kyle, Amber, Aimee and Kalee. Amber is my best friend; we hang out all the time, cook up evil schemes together, and share most of the same interests. And poor Kyle is the only guy in our group. ^.^