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Birthday Nov 25, 1987
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Interests '80s music, adventures, aquariums, art, b52s, badminton, betas, books, bows and arrows, bubbles, cages, candy, cartwheels, castles, cheese, chinese food, christmas, classic art's showcase, clocks, clouds, cloudy days, comedy, concerts, creativity, dancing, dark clouds, dark days, death cab for cutie, delerious?, dragons, earthbound, eiffel tower, emails, ender's game, enya, erasure, exercise, exercising, eyes, fantasy, fiction, fish, flying, food, forests, france, franz ferdinand, free time, french, friends, full moons, funny pictures, gamecube, gannondorf, getting mail, giraffes, glasses, globes, golden sun, gumby, hackers, hanging with friends, harry potter, hyrule, ice, instant messanging, internet, jawbreakers, keys, languages, laughing, lava lamps, leaves, libraries, lightning, link, livejournal, lord of the rings, marbles, masks, monopoly, movies, music, mysteries, nature, newsboys, nights, nintendo, ocarinas, old cartoons, old stuff, oranges, orcas, oreos, pastas, pets, phil joel, photography, pictures, pizza, pokemon, posters, rain, reading, relaxing, restaurants, robots, rocko's modern life, rpg, sci-fi, scuba diving, shade, sheilds, simpsons, ska, sleep, sleeping, snail mail, snails, snow, starbucks, stars, storms, sunsets, surfing, sushi, swimming, switchfoot, swords, the killers, the legend of zelda, the moon, the ocean, the sun, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, thunder, traveling, trees, triforce, vacations, video games, walking, water, weekends, wind, writting, yellow, zelda, zoos, zoras
Biography I'm 17. I like Zelda and Pokemon...