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Anime James
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Birthday Jun 23, 1992
Location In the shower.
Interests Hmm...Zelda, Gorons, Zelda, Gorons, Zelda, Gorons, Zelda, Gorons, Zelda, Gorons, Harry Potter, Zelda, Gorons, Zelda, Gorons, Anime, Zelda, Gorons, Zelda, Gorons...and...uh...Gorons.
Biography The first Zelda game I played was Link's Awakening DX. It never really appealed to me that much. Not long after I picked up Ages and got hooked - I also started to become a goron fan. So I got other games - now I own LoZ, LA, LttP, OoT, MM and MC...and I'm looking for more. As far as what I want to do in the Zelda online community... I want to learn about Zelda as much as I can, so that I can formulate my own theories and be able to correct people when they're wrong...and I've already taken the first step in slapping people who say Gorons are fat fools.