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Birthday Nov 01, 1992
Location Urh,Im in the computer.
Interests LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!IM DYING FOR THE NEW GAME!And neopets,and roleplaying.
Biography Well,Im twelve years old,am about 5"7,and have dark brown,blue/black,red,purple,and blonde streaked hair(Im not afraid to experiment;))My faveourite thing is to play LoZ.Link is sooooooooo dreamy!I have a drawing book,and all I draw is Link fan art.(Im not half bad,either!)My faveourite colour is forest green,my eyes are ocean blue,and I wear black a lot.I have an Ocarina of Time I bought off the internet for $105.I love to write,draw and act.My drama teacher says I should be an actress,because of how I played in our presentation on "A MidSummer Night's Dream".Anyway,thats all you should know.;)