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Birthday Mar 26, 1987
Location Limburg, Belgium
Interests anime/manga, Zelda, Nintendo, Resident Evil, Marilyn Manson, Japan

anime & manga include: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Rockman.exe, Dragonball, Gundam Wing, Love Hina... and unknown others
Biography Well, what can I say? I'm a normal kid from Belgium. Maybe not that "normal" because i hate my own country and the stupid government. I'm a huge anime/manga-fan, together with Nintendogames like Zelda (of course ^_^), Metroid, Fire Emblem. I'm planning on buying a PS2 so i can play Final Fantasy X & X-2. Oh yeah, I'm 18 years old and i hate school!!! I wish i could wander like Link or Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin...^_^