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Birthday Jul 22, 1986
Location Flagstaff, Arizona
Interests ZELDA!!!
Biography I grew up near L.A. until I was twelve or so. I got my first game system when I was nine, I believe. It was the SNES, and the only game I had for it at the time was Batman, which was a pretty sucky game :p but before long I moved over here to AZ and acquired Alttp from a friend. Talk about addicting; I played that game every free moment I had. I was genuinely moved at the moment when for the first time I saw the Master Sword pulled out after the challenges of winning the three pendants. (Yes, it took me a while just to get that far. It was my first Zelda game, gimme a break.) After that, many more months of playing lay ahead as I completed one dungeon after another until the final battle with Ganon. By that time, it had become such a big deal that I think I almost fainted when I finally beat him. I was ecstatic. And I was so empassioned watching how everything was returned to normal, and watching the credits role by with the golden land in the background and listening to that incredibly emotional music. Then it showed me just how many times I had died. It was like 138 times. Crazy.