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Birthday Dec 02, 1986
Location USA
Interests Writing, Video Games, Photography

An 18 year-old high school graduate with no license, and a low-paying job as a Vault Operator. Designing layouts drives me insane, though I do it anyway, for reasons I can't explain, and for ambitions that don't exist. I manage an online collective, The Plain Reality Network, which sounds more interesting in name than actual content, due to lack of updates, technical difficulties, and unpredictable mood swings.

I hope to one day publish a collection of short stories—perhaps a novel, if I'm feeling ambitious. My preferred genres are fantasy, realistic fiction, and horror. (I'm also terribly fascinated by the existential works of Albert Camus.) In the meantime, I write fanfiction for various fandoms, most of which are stored on my account at Fanfiction.Net. Stop by if you have the time—I appreciate reviews.