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Birthday Nov 25, 1979
Location A Self-Called Nowhere
Interests Zelda, of course, in most forms though the CD-i games were heart-breakers...and the cartoon's not the best... I'm also into Final Fantasy, but the real thing, none of those tactics, cyrstal chronicles (ahem---MANA), or online wannabes. Dragon Quest is a classic. I like reading; anything fantasy, Le Guin, Saberhagen, an extent. Comics--I'm collecting Chronological X-Men from the internet. Artwork--artists such as Royo, Amano, T-Catt, and numerous other undiscovered talents on the web.
Biography I'm married with that makes it hard to play games! ha ha I work in a hospital, entry-level position as I've really no interest in the medical field. I like to write but don't do it enough to really justify calling it a hobby. I like going to the gym even if I'm really too out of shape to like it...