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Birthday Jul 07, 1992
Location Swansea, South Wales.
Interests Storywriting, poetry writing, reading, playing computer games (espically Zelda!), belly-dancing, eating chocolate, patting animals, hanging out with my friends, singing, dancing and laughing! I like all kinds of music, and LOVE watching films. I'm a big fan of Star Wars, Van Helsing, and (what else?) Zelda!
Biography Well, I grew up in Swansea. I went to Cwm Primary, and am now in Year 10 of Cefn Hengoed, starting my GCSE's. The options I picked are: Media Studies, French and Music. My three best friends mean more to me than anything, and I love spending time with them. I first played Zelda when I was about six; I think it was ALTTP, and I liked it a lot, but I never got any further than rescuing Zelda. Next, I came home from primary school when I was nine, and there, in front of all my family, was a brand new Nintendo 64! My brother was playing OoT. I got stuck into that, and after many months, completed it! Woohoo! OoT is my absolute favourite game, JUST in front of TP, simply becuase it was the first I ever completed and I've had it for so long. I've also played TWW, TP, MM and LA. I love them all! I've probably bored you all to death by now but I will say feel free to message me people, I'm always up for a chat! xXxXxXx