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Birthday Feb 19, 1991
Location Halloweentown
Interests football, playng catch with zero, hanging out with jack, preparing for Halloweentown's usual halloween festival, occasionally visiting Christmastown
Biography well i was a ragdoll created by Dr, Franklestien and he names me Sally. he never let me out of the house, but one night (on Halloween night) i snuck out to see the parade and thats where i saw the love of y life. Jack Skellington. *sigh* he was so dreamy. but i felt as if it werent meant to be. until one fateful eve when he tried to be santa claus i warned him but he wouldnt listen and that evil Oogie Boogie captured me because i tried to rescue santa claus but jack came to the rescue. i still remember the moment after when we walked alone to the hill and had our first kiss. that was truly the best moment of my life.