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Location Some house in Richfield, Ohio
Interests I like reading, writting, exploring, playing my Ocarina of Time, singing {especially The Phantom of the Opera-I love that movie! Note: like singing opera anyway, anywhere, anytime!}, visiting ANY Zelda website {especially zeldalegends}, rock music, and {my favorite} playing and owning all the Zelda games-especially Ocarina of Time.
Biography Nothing to exciting. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pointy ears { Yeah I know, I sound and look like Zelda shut-up! And I am NOT kiding about my pointy ears. In fact, everyone keeps asking why I HAVE pointy ears!}. So yeah, I'm your typical Zelda fan. I like to play Zelda video games WAY to often. I also like anime {yeah I know, a bit weird} I speak some Japanise {if I didn't spell that right, I'm hopeless} One of my favorite things to do is to torment my brothers that I know more about Zelda than they do {sounds mean to you?} cause' I'm the master and they're the apprentices. Well I do know more about Zelda than they do cause' I've known it sense I was two weeks old! Note: not exagurating about that. Need that good nap every now and then, and also need to work on milage walking. And for all those reading this out there, thank you because not many people would read this {sience they think it's boring}. Last but not least, I need to get away from the computer and Zelda more, because I'm begining to base all the things in our world on Zelda. Note: I hope I'm not going senile over the computer and Zelda. Thanks out there for reading this {I know I wouldn't, this is a bit long} Bye!