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Birthday Aug 20, 1991
Location Alberta Canada
Interests I LOVE The Legend of Zelda games. I can't wait till Twilight Princess comes out! Anyhoo..I LOVE horses, wolves, dragons, cats, dogs, and mostly any animal that lives in Canada. I dislike monkeys.(lol) I am a Tomboy. I can't stand any of that girlie stuff. I love the Middle Ages and the Wild West. I don't know why but I do. Did I mention I like the Zelda games? Don't tell anyone this..but I like Link. Well I love to climb trees, write stories, read,ride my horse Chip,love to get dirty with mud and even cow poo (I live on a farm and proud of it) get into trouble and lots of other stuff. I sometimes sit up on our little Jersey cow Misty. She don't move.
Biography Well I'm not so sure..I lived on a farm my whole life and moved up north in May this year.