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Koroks Rock (Staff)
AIM entrunner7
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Birthday Sep 11, 1987
Location the world of fiction
Interests Cube Legends, the PC game I'm making inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Ask me about my host site, where Cube Legends Beta can be found.

Other than that, I like
-fanart (check my stuff, and also the other zeldalegends artists!)
-running (i run track and cross country, and also lead a small group of runners in the offseason)
-backpacking (
-writing (currently writing a fanfic that hasn't progressed much due to schoolwork)
-gaming (w00t zelda, cube, ssbm, and UT2004!)
Biography Mountain guy is turning into a graphic designer. Right now I'm just a student who gets the rare commission, but I do get the rare job. I do a lot of open source work and design (probably the reason I'm so poor).