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Birthday Sep 18, 1989
Interests I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!!! and manga...and anime... and fantasy books... and writing manga and fantasy books... and fanfics... and my dog... and my kitten...
Biography HI! I'm Shawn, Your average hyper highschool girl. As you can see from my interest, I have a black cat and a Shih-tzu dog (dog=6 year old, kitten=4 month old). I love everything to do with Zelda. I've beaten all the Zelda games and have played them since I was four. I've drawn comics/manga, wrote fanfics/stories/plays, and have basically been a Zelda nut since I knew what the word 'nut' meant (heh heh lol ) I live with my older bro, whose also a Zelda fan (not as much as me, tho n_n: ) He has a big black 7 year old dog and, like, five cats (three black) Well, that's all I have to tell, so, let's be freinds!