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Dark Dragon
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Birthday Dec 10, 1993
Location Roswell, GA, USA
Interests Reading, writing, drawing, being random, playing music, and creeping people out `cause it's funny.
Biography Thanks to a jalapino pepper incident when I was one, I like spicey foods. Find out more on my website. I have a dog named Casie or KC, however you may spell it, and two tuxido cats, both named Dexter, who both ran away because they disliked each other. I'm about to get another cat, who's name will be Dexter. I'm a wierdo so don't come to my school. I always wear a dragon neckless. My favorite drawing subjects are Zelda, dragons, and random comics. My ambition is to be an author. Wolfa from my fan-fic came from the novel I'm trying to write called "The Neverending Test." I probably won't find it in Barns n` Noble, but I try.