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Birthday Sep 11, 1984
Location bcn, Spain
Interests The Legend of Zelda is what I'm here for.

Engineering, politics, spanish guitar, tolkien, some history are my interests.
Biography I think mm is the best game yet. But in order to properly appreciate this, it must necessarily be played after having enjoyed plenty of oot. I have every figurine in ww as link wearing the green suit, not the jammies. That was quite some work. I loved TP, it was really good. To explore the field at dusk feels incredible. I liked the characters' development, specially on the twilight princess itself of course. I want to get to now better the 2D games, I won LoZ (1st quest) (zelda collector's ed for gamecube), played alttp and mc up to the last boss but never got to beat them (was on emulators, and had problems with my PC). In aol I bearly made it to the 2nd temple, it's tough. No idea on any four swords (don't have neither money nor enough friends), haven't played the oracles either. But I'm most willing to get my hands on LA, I think it is an important landmark for the series overall in many respects and that makes it very appealing to me right now.