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Stripy Trippy
AIM Don't have one...
Yahoo It's a SECRET.
ICQ No Information
MSN My messanger? Hermes!
Home Page I didn't know I had a website.....
Birthday Apr 23, 1990
Location Tallon IV... I mean Californina, USA, Earth
Interests Hmmm.... Sleeping (anywhere, anytime); reading (I was gonna put a list of books I like but I can't remember them all) books, manga, and fanfiction; watching T.V. ; hating homework; eating candy or anything sweet; and finally hanging out with all my funny friends who I can joke with incessantly. Yay.

Oh, yes, before I forget. Stripy as in Stripes, NOT strippers. Just making sure.
Biography Ummm.... Well, I like weird people. And normal people, too.The first part's no surprise since most people consider me a little (or a lot... it kinda depends) weird. Let's see... my mom's crazy. Unfortunately I mean that literally. And that's about all the important stuff....