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A Link from my past
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Birthday Apr 10, 1993
Location Washington
Interests I love zelda(Please dont kill me because ive only played a few of the games, I cant afford to keep getting new consoles), and anime, and I love to sing and write....oh, you hwre expecting more? Okay then...I like to listen to Greenday, My chemical romance, and Panic! at the disco.
Biography Im just gonna say how i started playing Zelda, cause i would rather not give out my past. When I was three(I was walking and walking fluently at two), me and two of my cousins Andy(Seven) and Caleb (twelve) Where at my aunts house. They where taking turns playing Zelda, and I asked if i could play. Caleb said I couldnt because i was to little, and I would just mess them up. Andy bit his hand untill he let go of the controler and handed it to me. "Links just a little kid and he fights monsters, Why cant Leah play?" So Andy taught me about the controls, then let me try things on my own. They where in the middle of the second temple in Majora's mask. They told me what to do untill we got to the boss door and Caleb tryed to take it away but Andy bit him again and I went inside. As the fight started, they started giving me ideas on how to beat Goht, but none of them worked. After a while, I tryed my own idea, and it worked! In no time Goht was dead and Caleb's eye was twitching as he looked down at the three year old girl who had beat the boss he could never figure out. Then he snatched the controls and started a new game for me in Orcarina of time to see how I would do. I was flying right through it. After about an hour, they switched to their game and tryed to beat Gannon several more times, and after their eighth atempt, Caleb thrust the controls at me. "If your so great, you beat Gannon." So I gave it a try and died the first couple of times, but then i started to figure it out. Another fifteen minutes and Gannon was down.