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AIM Why do you need to know?
Yahoo Agents never tell there identy
ICQ No Information
MSN What did I just tell you? Gosh
Home Page I have a website?! Oh Em Gee!
Birthday Feb 23, 1993
Location My Computer. ¬.¬
Interests My Interests include: Wirting, Drawing, Singing, Reading, Cooking, Video Games, Manga, Anime.

My favorite Activity is Writing. I always loved to write stories about Games or Books I love to read. And sometimes I write stories based on my dreams.
Biography Name: Saria Tanamura Age: 14 Gender: Female Hair: Long Blonde Eye: Blue Height: 5'5'' Favorite Color: Blue, Purple Favorte Music: Queen, Aerosmith, Bayside, Rise Against, Beatles Favorite Animal: Wolf Favorite Manga: Naruto Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket Favorite Zelda Game: OoT Zelda Stories: Four Swords, OoT Favorite Link: Green, Shadow.